Wednesday, 14 October 2009

There and back again on three legs

So after much thought about today’s entry I have decided to do it about two pieces of news instead of Monsters Inc, as brilliant as it is I didn’t watch all of it last night as I brought it for my boys and would like to do it justice. Moving on then to some Hobbit news...

Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf to those who have lived in a cave the last 10 years!), has told empire and channel 4 that he has received the script for The Hobbit, apart from screeching like an excited school girl this is great news! He also said a few encouraging things about the production about how the new Director is brilliant and that most of the cast are returning, though he had nothing to say on the Bilbo front in regards to who will be playing him.

Next piece of news will probably mean nothing to a lot of people but Alex Proyas, Director of this year’s Nic Cage disaster movie “ Knowing” , is set to direct a film based upon BBC classic sci-fi series Tripods, will have to mention this to my brother. This is not related to The War of the Worlds at all, in case you were wondering.

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