Friday, 25 March 2011

Kick Ass

Couldn’t put it better than the title itself!

Lover: Taken from IMDB
“I saw the previews for this and thought this was going to be one of those slapstick stupid comedy movies (Superbad, Super Hero Movie). I came on IMDb and saw the rating and the reviews and I thought I'd reconsider after doing some research on this. I was very wrong with my initial assessment. Yes, there's some teen comedic elements to this movie, but the movie flowed perfectly. Great Soundtrack, great fight scenes, acting was good, story was great and original. With a current IMDb rating of 8.3 as I write this, look's like I'm not alone on how I rated this movie. Show stealer was definitely Hit Girl. I foresee her having a huge career. Possibly the next Natalie Portman. Reminded me of Natalie's role in Leon. Which leads me to my next point. Unless you're into comic books, video games, in your teens/20's/30's and don't have a young kid, you might be taken aback that a little 11 year old girl is killing people and using bad words. For those that gave this a bad review because of that, do some research on a movie before you go see something that you think you won't like. I hate musicals and I'm not going to pay 10 bucks to see High School Musical and then come in here and complain that there was too much singing and dancing. It's clearly geared at a older teen/young adult audience and is rated R, what did you expect. In closing, one of the most entertaining films I've ever seen.”

A good review and very well pointed out about bad reviews for the 11 year old girl killing an swearing like a trooper!

Hater: Taken from IMDB
“I created an account just to give this movie the worst rating that I could possibly give it. Here are the reasons that first came to mind as to why this movie is a glittering jewel of everything that is wrong with popular culture. 1) Needless, unentertaining, uncreative and horribly graphic violence. 2) Needless, pathetic-attempts-at-being-funny sexual content. 3) Needless, excessive, pathetic-attempts-at-being-funny language (especially coming from a little girl). 4) Shallow, flimsy, and pathetically strung-together plot. 5) Next-to-zero character development. Oh, my goodness... it is painful just to try and remember this film. I feel ashamed that Nicolas Cage would be in this movie. I find the lack of any redeeming value in this movie to be staggering. I swear that my grades have dropped just because of the brain cells killed during the watching of this movie.”

Created an account to write a review that has no use to anyone!? Has helpfully put what they hated about the film in a numbered list, however did not feel that he had to justify any of the completely wrong opinions he has!

What I thought:
Kick Ass was a hit of Adrenaline to comic book movies, before it we had hyper realism of The Dark Knight storming the box office or Iron Man showing how you could do it fun and not even get the curse of that first movie. What we have with Kick Ass is an original piece which plays with the genre but not in a “Superhero movie” way. It pokes fun by having its protagonist basically just being good at getting his ass kicked and has you cheer on a lethal 11 year old girl who slices and dices without remorse and sais the c word!

It’s not hard to see how some people might find that uncomfortable viewing material, however it’s just that kind of film. All the writing about how offensive the film could be and it has an 18 rating. If you don’t like being offended by your movies then why bother watching Kick Ass! Aaron Johnson completely convinces as the all-American comic book nerd, his process of becoming Kick-Ass is very well thought out and planned you could almost seeing it happen for real. Via some comic book wizardry of a car accident and damaged nerve endings, hence the fact he can take a kick in; he becomes a super hero unlike any other.

With this outlook it’s a refreshing movie, the lighter side as a comic book nerd who is more than willing to abuse his super hero status to get the girl. Then there is the adrenaline I mentioned and the real heroes in this film, Firstly Nicholas Cage brings out his rarely seen a-game for this, channelling Adam Wests' Batman for Big Daddy. It’s a fantastic performance, not to mention bloody funny in all the right places. His relationship with his daughter though maybe a little psychotic is heart wrenching and well thought out. Of course the daughter in question is the main talking point in this film, Chloe Mortez is a revelation. Naughty words and blood baths aside she is completely brilliant as the naïve daughter treating the killing and what her father has taught her as a game. Of course this makes her a very efficient killer, you will surprise yourself as you find yourself cheering her on but of course in the end even she needs some help.

Acting aside it’s just a well-crafted piece of cinema, wonderfully written and directed, just wish they would hurry up and get Kick Ass 2 under way!

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