Saturday, 10 October 2009

10 thing I hate about you: a review

Question: What do you get if you cross an early comedy by one of the greatest writers in English literature with one of the most berated of all cinema genres. What looks like just another teen comedy is actually a very clever use of Shakespeare’s basic premise. Some great break out performances with a good script you may end up falling in love with it, oh how I love thee, let me count the ways…

A story very much on the same lines as Shakespeare’s play, our main character Cameron (Gordon-Levitt) is at his new high school. He meets the love of his life Bianca (Oleynik) but unfortunately her father has a new rule; Bianca cant date until her sister dates. Bianca’s sister happens to be the resident bunny boiler Kat played by the ever-charming Julia Stiles, Cameron’s idea is to pay someone to take Kat out so that he can take out Bianca. In steps Heath Ledger and by god did he know how to make an entrance.

10 Things was Ledgers first Hollywood movie and like most Australian hunks that are picked from obscurity he was an instant hit, going on to star with fellow countryman Mel Gibson in the Patriot. That’s another story, what of his performance as Patrick Verona the school bad boy that likes to wave his hand over Bunsen burners. Well apart from the accent that is explained away in the characters past he is really good, this charming roughish character was perfect for Ledger. The dance at the schools stadium is the stand out point as he sings and runs from the police, classic.

It’s not the destination; the inevitable and predictable ending that makes teen movies like this a guilty pleasure. It is the journey, the jokes that come in between and the memorable characters; the same can be said for any decent teen movie. 10 things is no different, in fact its probably one of the best examples. Almost every character is memorable in their own way and the script is very witty, although the language used by some of the kids seems a little out of place with words like vapid, Tempestuous and Miscreants. Incredibly well spoken American teens these may be but certainly enjoyable to watch.

It is the emphasis on character that makes this film so pleasing; everyone involved despite how minor is funny. From the Head teacher writing her sexy novel to the over protective father, all of them are funny and fit in so well. So despite being just another teen movie, 10 things is actually very funny and worth watching if you haven’t already. What’s this a teen movie with a little more depth than the usual crap we see? Your just to good to be true, can’t take my eyes off of you.

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