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Death Race

The Stath one not the Sly one

Lover: Taken from IMDB
"I was shocked at how much fun this movie was. Terrible reviews, of course. I went hesitantly, but had seen everything else, and desperately needed a cinema break from work. This was over-the-top mayhem, and pure adrenaline, and pure enjoyment! Note I am a bloke, so I cannot speak for the ladies, but the ones in my cinema audience seemed to be enjoying themselves.As you have no doubt heard, it is a frentically paced film. And, given all the action, which usually only bores me, I was surprised to find it was a hoot. A screaming hoot!Two of things this movie did showed a lot of subtlety and a very deft touch on the director's part. One, it did not take itself too seriously, and was not as grim as you might think. Two, it never descended into "camp." It was not winking at us, nor playing anything for laughs. And yet one must throw logic and plausibility out the window as well. Maybe one could say it was a "down to earth" fantasy? I don't know how the director did it--- as I thought about it, I marvelled at how difficult that must have been.A perfect balance of excitement, mayhem, fun, thrills, and even a happy ending! Wow! Go see it, you'll be grateful for it if you do."

I would agree at saying this was a perfectly balanced film but definitely not for everyone. its plain dumb vehicular mayhem that should impress a certain male crowd of a certain age. It has no depth and fairly brainless and predictable set pieces but fun all the same.

Hater: Taken from IMDB

"When you know you're going to see another pointless action movie, and you know it will have little to no redeeming value minus the action, and it STILL sucks, the problem has to be the action.From start to finish, the movie was bland and boring. I wanted to leave after the first 5 minutes as it was, and after that it was like sitting through one of those bad documentaries at school for the other 2 hours. The action was predictable and just downright boring, generic, and pathetic. Add to that the utterly ridicules dialogue scenes that told you things you already know from the credits mixed with clichés from every single action movie ever freaking made, and it felt like I was watching a made-for-TV drama, not an action movie. You've seen this movie before. Hundreds of times.The acting, as well, was horrid. The chick they got to play the cliché "bad prison woman" reminded me of Martha Stewart . . . dumbed down and made even more cliché than the real woman. At one point when a "bad man" character came on screen I had to say:"Look, it's Mr. Evil!" as he cackled with his huge nose casting a cliché shadow. Everything that could have been menacing in this film was laughable.There is no more blood in this movie than PG-13 fares like Cloverfield, and it wasn't as violent as the PG-13 The Dark Knight. Every scene was a cut-off scene without anything graphic happening, and at some points even the fist fights were cut-off scenes. I cannot think of any movie with "violence" as utterly pathetic as this one. It barely earned its R-rating through a minimal amount of blood, and the rest was PG all the way.I do not know why anyone would find anything in this entertaining. There was maybe a couple action scenes, and the rest was your mother's cliché TV drama. Am I the only one who wishes action movies were, you know, action-packed anymore?"

I agree with this review to, when you look at the trailer and the poster for this movie it gives you the impression your seeing a 18 rated action movie. the end product is a lot further and apart from some interesting word use and a little blood its no where near as graphic as you would imagine.

What I thought:
Death Race was a one time forgettable movie that i wont be watching again, it was fun for the first time i watched it but that's it. Fairly forgettable nonsense in the end. The original was great if a little camp, Paul W.S. Anderson's is what you would imagine from this director. Big Dumb Fun that you'll only need to see once.

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Angelica Emmanuel said...

I saw Death Race myself and I agree. It does lack some story element. But hey, action movies won't be action movies if there's anything in the story that will take the spotlight from the ACTION itself! The cars looked totally awesome, as well. Those who drove those sweet machines are very lucky!

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