Monday, 13 September 2010

The Invention of Lying

It’s not very good, honest

Lover: Taken from IMDB
“I thought this movie was fantastic, The truth is that people at their core are to that extent superficial and "rude" to put it lightly. This movie revolves around how the world would word if absolutely everything you thought to say but suppressed out of courtesy instead came flying off your tongue without a thought. To put it bluntly I think this movie was being far too kind compared to what would really happen if a world like this actually existed, but on top of that the actors in it played perfectly. It had just the right mix of comedy and drama to make it a success. Ten out of ten, I recommend you don't miss this one”

ok, the bottom line is that this films premise is funny for about 5 mins till it gets dry.

Hater: Taken from IMDB
“The characters in this movie may very well be incapable of lying. They may be honest, but far more than that, what they really are is frank. In fact, what defines these characters is their frankness, gullibility, stupidity, and hatefulness - not their honesty. What we are left with is a woeful fusion of "What Women Want" and "Idiocracy," - both of those films - while ordinary - are better than this one. This movie, a bait and switch debacle, fails to be clever at every turn and is doomed by its inability to run with a promising premise. The fictional world of this film characterizes a planet devoid of lies in a clumsy manner and lacks sufficient comic payoffs to keep it afloat as it tries to tackle a cavalcade of social issues. The Invention of Lying tries to be a lot of things. Unfortunately, a worthwhile comedy is not one of them. (5 of 10)”

Same point as above pretty much except they liked it for that reason.

What I thought:
Ricky Gervais has had his head inflated by the media enough and this film is proof of it. Everyone who has seen him in The Office, Extras and his stand ups knows he is a very funny man. The Premise; a man invents lying in a world where everyone tells the truth does sound like comedy gold but trust me its gets dry after 5 maybe 10 mins. It’s mainly because the film has nothing else to go on. There’s a romantic story in there somewhere but it’s lost in all this religion bating humour!

So basically man who invents lying also invents religion? Hmm it’s an interesting theme and does inspire conversation but in the film it’s like the bits that didn’t make it into Ricky Gervais Animals. My Wife pointed out that the moment Mr Gervais appeared as Jesus was the worst point of the movie, deflate that ego of yours Mr Gervais and come back down to ground (or in this case England!).

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