Tuesday, 25 May 2010

No guts no glory

Lover: taken from IMDB
"I saw the movie at the world premiere in Venice and Mickey Rourke, Darren Aronofsky and other crew members were also in the audience. When the credits began, people were jumping out of their seats (including me) applauding and cheering for more than 15 minutes. It was really amazing. I have been a Rourke fan for 10 years now and to me Darren Aronofsky is one of the greatest directors of the last ten years. So when I entered the cinema my expectations were as high as never before. But this 40 Euro ticket was worth every cent. I never saw such a moving performance by "Sir Eddie Cook" who played Randy "the Ram" with such authenticity that I was paralyzed for almost two hours. And that's because Rourke isn't just playing "Ram", he IS "Ram", at least a part of him (there are many parallels to his real troubled past). Aronofsky really did a great job and really pushed the actors to their limits. It is amazing to see how a good director can turn such a simple story into one of the greatest movies I have ever seen (and I watch hundreds of movies). So everybody who grew up in the 80's with wrestling, hard rock and Nintendo or just loves movies should see this - at least ten times. God bless you Darren, Mickey and all the other crew members for the best cinema experience I have ever had. no doubt about it."

He really did love this movie!

Hater: Taken from IMDB
"The guy is very talented. Pi & Requiem for a Dream were brilliant but made no money. The Fountain was solid but overly ambitious and lacked a Hollywood storyline thus lost about $25 million. The Wrestler is Darren paying back his Hollywood machers. Yes, it is well acted but the story of an aging burnout who can't let go of his past glory is the oldest story in the book. I found the depth lacking and overall it just plodded along until the ultimately cliché ending. Just follow the numbers people - cost only $7 million and will probably gross about $20 - $30 million. This is Darren trying to remain viable in Hollywood and little else."

He really hated it!!

What I thought:
My thought on the Wrestler lay somewhere between these two, rather annoyingly I’m sitting on the fence for this film. I think to not see the parallel’s in Mickey Rourkes real life would be stupid but then that’s why he plays it so well. In regards to the depth I think the hate has a point it’s not that in-depth but then neither was Rocky?

The other inevitable comparison would be Rocky and I think Rocky does beat it hands down. Simply because Rocky is more likeable, Randy “The Ram” is a bit of a scoundrel and really only has himself to blame. Rocky on the other was just shit out of luck! I think the wrestlers worth watching for the performance but also a revealing expose into the world of wrestling.

Despite the fights being “fake” wrestling still takes a lot out of the combatants and its about time people realised that. I don’t watch wrestling anymore but when I did I loved it and The Wrestler reminded me why. The pain that you see in the film looks and feels real and it shows you the kind of punishment that these guys put themselves through to show you a good time.

I think the film should be watched as less a redemption story and more a revealing look into the life of a wrestler albeit a washed up one.

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