Sunday, 22 August 2010

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

It’s like life, back wards.

Lover: Taken from IMDB

“This film is worthy of a 10/10 rating simply because of its imaginative and complex nature, I mean, I couldn't bring myself to know why this simple idea of a man aging backwards hadn't sprouted up before. Set all the way back at the end of the Great War, to New Orlean's meeting with Hurricane Katrina, this movie tells the story of Benjamin Button, a baby born an old man of eighty, destined to die in the mere form of a zero-year-old. I found this movie very emotional and special because there's reeally nothing like it. I honestly thought, when I found out the immense length of the film, it was going to be boring....I was wrong, it gripped me from start to finish. There are many emotional and touching scenes in it, including the end, where it brings forth Benjamin Button's 'younger' years as an old man. Nothing went wrong with the cast, Brad Pitt played a great job as a reverse-aging man, and Cate went well as his childhood friend. Overall, this movie was great and I recommend it to anyone who loves the genre.”

The length is a bit of a problem but it is very touching movie.

Hater: Taken from IMDB

“I wasn't particularly enthralled with the idea of this film before seeing it but there was nothing else good on, so I gave it a try. An interesting idea for a film, that he grows physically younger but mentally develops in the normal way. However, this leads to many inconsistencies in the storyline. It doesn't make sense that Benjamin, when he becomes a father, decides to leave and travel the world. He looks of the age to do something like this but he's meant to be more mature... And when he's an old man in a young boy's body, he has a tantrum like a young boy would, but that doesn't fit the idea of the story, either... When trying to find the point to this whole story, all it comes down to is that we should look after those close to us and take more care of them. Well, that's an original one! To me, it became extremely boring as there is never any deep meaning to it and it just keeps dragging on for far too long when you can see that it's quite a stupid idea to put into a film. The anecdotes in the story, the acting and the direction are all good but in the end, what's the point?”

Hmm some good points but a little defunct if you watch the movie closely.

What i thought:

I liked Benjamin Button but it was a bit depressing, it was like Forrest Gump without all the meetings with famous people and major events. Button is essentially about life and death and the idea that everyone is unique but that we all eventually go the same way. Depressing? Oh yes. Of course this is David Fincher though, the cinematography is sublime and the effects of the “reverse aging” are stunning. Brad Pitt is also brilliant playing the different ages; in fact it’s a real tour de force for him!

It’s not very re watchable though, I already don’t think I could sit through it again and as the reviews above are a testament to it does leave a lot of questions, sign of a good move or just bloody frustrating, like Big Brother “you decide”.

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