Sunday, 4 April 2010

What a load of old Titans!!

Lovers: Taken from an IMDB critic hater (as all the critics hated it)
“Seriously overall if you want to go as an critic and start to play ''the big critic guy'' you won't enjoy this movie at all! Please Ignore the critics and go watch this movie YOU WILL BE BLOWN away!! Perfect Note... Loved It!! Louis Letterier did an amazing job directing this one!!”

I mean he does have a point to a certain degree but how far does that stretch! Seeing this with a friend of mine we were both surprised at the running time. I think we were right to be surprised this movie by definition should be epic that would usually include an epic running time; to be able to fit in epic battle sequences with characters you care for, special effects but above all a story that spans time and large distances. This is a badly constructed remake that only really does one of those.

Haters: Cosmo Landesman (Times Online)

“You know what they say: whom the gods wish to destroy, they have make films like this. Directed by Louis Leterrier and featuring a fine cast —including Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson — this 3D action adventure is meant to be an exciting epic set in ancient Greece, but comes across as silly cobblers. It just goes to show that not even 3D can save a bad film. Stuffed with special effects and numerous battle sequences, it’s a film that has no magic and no personality of its own. Sam Worthington is a dull Perseus, out to challenge the tyranny of the gods. Heaven help anyone who sees it.”

I have to say I’m more in this person’s side and I’ll explain in the next bit why.

What I think:
“Titans will Clash” probably the worst tagline I have ever heard, should have known then that the actual thing itself was just a load of old Titans clashing! By no means is this a terrible movie, it’s worth seeing for some pretty good action and set-pieces but don’t bother paying the extra money for 3D. Reading about this movie before it came out, it was decided to add 3D later in post production and by the god’s does it show! It just doesn’t add to the picture in any way! Avatar was filmed in 3D and looked amazing. This 3D is rather shamefully a money spinning idea!

As a remake it’s a horrible disappointment! The original was charming and exciting and despite the fact it looks dated I would have rather have been watching that one. Let’s take one scene in particular, the killing of Medusa; Louis Leterriers vision starts well and descends into the depths with Hades. A special effects extravaganza that has no time for scares and a creepy atmosphere just a lot of death and people falling about! The original was scary as hell; the shots were perfect with the sound of Medusas tail throwing a sense of foreboding over the whole sequence.

I could go on about this forever so a few last points; no one should hire Sam Worthington again until he is willing to do some actual bloody acting not to mention a different accent!!!! The Kracken for all its CGI goodness doesn’t really feel at any point threatening and our Hero just seems to walk up to it and show medusas head! So to sum up, Liam Neeson IS a god, 3D in this instance is a shameful money spinner and no Mr Leterrier; Ray Harryhausen would not be proud of this!

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