Thursday, 20 May 2010

Not so merry men

Lovers: David Edwards for the

“Despite the feeling that Scott is laying the foundations for a sequel dealing with Robin's life as a forest-dwelling outlaw, the film never gets bogged down in backstory thanks to some great action set pieces. The highlight, however, is the odious Sir Godfrey, terrifically played by Strong who steals his every scene. As for Crowe, while he nails the Midlands accent, it'd be nice to see him without that trademark frown. Perhaps mindful of the 30-odd Robin Hood movies that have come before, Scott has portrayed him as a principled freedom fighter handy not just with a bow and arrow but able to deliver rousing speeches, even persuading King John to consider signing the Magna Carta. Your history teacher might not like it but this scores a bullseye”

Ok its not exactly singing with praise but sounds like he liked it.

Haters: Roger Ebert for The Chicago Sun-Times

“Have we grown weary of the delightful aspects of the Robin Hood legend? Is witty dialogue no longer permitted? Are Robin and Marion no longer allowed to engage in a spirited flirtation? Must their relationship seem like high-level sexual negotiations? How many people need to be covered in boiling oil for Robin Hood's story to be told these days? How many parents will be misled by the film's PG-13 rating? Must children go directly from animated dragons to skewering and decapitation, with no interval of cheerful storytelling?
The photography is, however, remarkable, and Crowe and the others are filled with fierce energy. Ridley Scott is a fine director for work like this, although in another world, Hollywood would let him make smarter films. God, he must be tired of enormous battle scenes.”

Roger Ebert makes me laugh, most of his reviews have this rose tinted view of Hollywood. I can appreciate that the movies have changed in the years he has been reviewing but I don’t think he has. You would be an idiot to think that this Robin Hood will be anything like what you have seen before; it’s directed by RIDLEY SCOTT!!!!

What I thought:

I thought Robin Hood was a nice blend of ye old legend and modern epic film making, the characters were as I would imagine them. This Maid Marion suffers no fools, these merry men are proper lads who like a drink (and should have had more screen time). As for the rest of the cast everyone was watchable as the last even Mark Strong who does seem to be milking that bad guy role.

I think it was well written to, the dialogue has all of the cringe inducing motivational lines and speech’s along with some very good moments humour that don’t feel forced. As usual Ridley Scott is the master of the modern epic, sweeping views of jaw dropping action set pieces, nobody does it better.

Another thing I don’t understand is everyone’s hatred for Russell Crowe, I can see the man has been typecast but then every great actor does! Johnny Depp is still milking that “eccentric clown” to the point where its become a little dry (though I’m yet to see Alice)and nobody hates him? It’s frustrating when people do that but then it’s the nature of the beast. In this film for instance Mr Crowe has a bit of laugh and his character doesn’t have as many hang-ups which is refreshing and means he can explore the role.

Robin Hood is a well played, well acted action epic that ticks all the right boxes for fans of Gladiator.

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