Friday, 24 July 2009

short and sweet

Well I have found some work so this may be a bit harder to update, to cut corners I’m not adding the all important photos to my blog, nut who cares about that when the writing is so good ah?

Watched Hoodwinked the other night, a rather crude computer animated film definitely for the kids. Still it was a nice effort. Saw the new Harry Potter last week, the only thing to really say at this time is that it was the funniest so far.

Moving onto some news on this brief update, Pirates of the Caribbean is set for a fourth which should begin filming next year. Please no Kiera Knightly and please tone it down a bit, The Black Pearl was brilliant and it all just got a bit OTT after that.

Time to go, sorry the entries have been brief but better than nothing at all.
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Friday, 17 July 2009

Just anoher one of my thoughts...

Well, this is starting to feel a little more regular ah!? Well I must apologize for the terrible errors in my last post. Seem as I'm having a literacy test soon i should really sort that out ah?

I only have one thing on my mind at the moment and that is the slated prequel to Alien!! At first the news sounds terrible, taking it back could be risky, if its done with snazzy effects and in 3D it will not look right, just think if the Star Wars prequels everything was too shiny! Well its not all bad, Ridley Scott is on board and even though its doubtful he'll direct its very good to know he's involved in some way.

Watched a few new things but I'll talk about them some other time, I've just had dinner and feel like lying completely still and watch There will be blood.

Ok then, bye

Monday, 13 July 2009

Summer Sizzles

The summer is still in full swing, which means that blockbuster season is really heating up! We’ve Robots wanting to destroy us all, the typical remakes and a rather good sci fi reboot. I haven’t seen all hat this summer has to offer and as usual will have to offer apologies for not updating this in a while I’ve been a bit busy worrying about other things.

Transformers is the film I will touch on first, I have a review for it and should have it online sometime soon. In the meantime here’s a taster of what I thought of Michael Bays latest OTT ego spewing effort. It was dumb, but it was fun. That’s it seriously those are he only things really worth saying, only certain people of a certain age and of a certain Transformers Disposition will really get a kick out of it. Everyone else will have seizures, well maybe not that bad but go and see it and you know what I mean.

Next we have Terminator Salvation, I hope to write review for this but much like this blog I have been a bit lacking in the time dept. Terminator was ok, for me it just wasn’t Terminator just some post apocalyptic film about us vs. machines that happen to be the Terminators? It lacked the charm and the tension of the first two but saying that it did top T3, though that wasn’t hard, I could accept the female Terminator but robotic enlarging boobs? The appearance of a familiar face at the end didn’t work like it should of which really took away for it to.

I’m going to go now, but hopefully this means a new start for the blog, every Monday? Or just whenever I get the time to do this!!!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Just a short one...

Only to say sorry i have not posted in so long and that beeonfilm will finally be resuming normal service as of next thursday. I'll have a review of Public Enemies for you and what i have though of the summer so far.

Being unemployed is not so good, but having time to write is great.

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