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Super 8

Super Great?

Lover: Taken from IMDB
“When I went to see Super 8 I had pretty high expextations for this movie. Sitting in the theater I felt like I was watching one of Steven Spielberg's classics, like E.T., etc. The movie is fast paced, intense, and nostalgic but still managed to stay on topic. The movie was sprinkled with heartfelt moments. It shows the bonds of family and friendship. Leaving the film I had the story stuck in my head and for the next week I couldn't get it off my mind. So finally I made the decision to go see it again. Watching it for the second time I loved it even more. Films like this show that the movie industry hasn't lost its touch, no matter how many remakes it produces. Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams are the few directors that still make movies that mean something to the audience. This is a movie I will be buying. “

I agree completely with this review until the final 20 or so min of the movie, there I completely disagree…

Hater: Taken from IMDB
“Wish there was a 0 rating. The movie was absolutely awful, how many times will directors try to stuff ugly alien with amazing technology down our throat.Very slow narration and build up. Reminded me of Ang Lee trying to put a personality behind The Hulk. So many loopholes in this movie , we are to believe the thing kills its victims, okay it doesn't, what does it use them for? Just too predictable. We see the thing getting out of the train in the first bit and we have to almost wait an eternity to see its ugly head again, and its not worth it. For all the hype that was thrown its way it hasn't delivered, and anyone comparing it to ET, get a grip , a bit of bottle and see the doctor. The movies are poles apart. “

The comparisons to ET are justified but they are indeed poles apart and they are right the “monster reveal” is such a disappointing pay off.

What I thought:

If we are to believe what we have been led to believe by not just the PR with the posters, press releases and indeed the large majority of critics, we are watching a true postcard to the family flicks of not just Spielbergs’ career but that 80’s era. Sure enough Super 8 is a lovely story, the kids all well written and acted and so lovable you want to give them a cuddle. It’s got the right blend of adventure, comedy and “peril” that used to make these films so watchable. That is until the final third when I’ll be honest it feels like the writers just gave up.

The story of Super 8, being produced by Steven Spielberg has his fingertips all over it, a sad loss, a distant father and a group of friends. These young friends use a vintage Super 8 camera to make their own Zombie movie (much like the Director himself); during a shoot at a quiet train station they witness a train crash. Said train crash is spectacular and easily the best sequence in the whole film. Something escapes from the train and starts to terrorise this small US town, as the dogs run for the hills and people start going missing. It’s all very “been there got the t-shirt” however these early scenes are the best.

They are brimming with nice little family moments as the kids try desperately to get their film finished. Scenes with the “Creature” are very cloak and dagger only ever revealing very small amounts and the carnage it leaves behind. These early scenes are well written and directed, a nice dose of mystery with a feeling of Adventure as the kids try and get their film made (probably a movie itself without the creature). It’s the first two thirds of this movie that spell a perfect summer blockbuster. Then all of a sudden, like the damned train at the beginning it gets a bit derailed.

There’s a moment during the film, the army have stepped in and evacuated the town and everything’s going a bit crazy and it’s here the film gets confusing. I mean it’s easy to understand, just confusing because you wonder what happened to the film you were just watching. In the last climactic load of scenes you’re bombarded with what should have been great set pieces and heartfelt moments. Instead you have horribly miss judged moments between estranged fathers, exposition that feels made up on the spot and creature design that looks like a reject from the creature design from Cloverfield.

Nothings really explained with any real conviction and you’re supposed to just go with the ride, which would be fine if the ride was fun however just making the army’s weapons go haywire as an excuse to blow up the town doesn’t cut it. Super 8 is officially the most disappointing film of the year, the trailers, the early buzz the names involved it looked like Hollywood gold. The terrible sprint to the finish undermines all that went before unfortunately and leaves you hoping Cowboys and Aliens doesn’t do the same.

In Cinemas now
Cert: 12
Running Time: 112 mins

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