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28 Days Later

A Landmark in British horror

Lover: Taken from IMDB
“28 Days Later is a hyper-kinetic and adrenaline fuelled British horror directed by Danny Boyle (Trainspotting). The film takes place in modern day Britain where a virus known as the rage virus has been used and has made all those who come into contact with it turn into blood-thirsty zombies. Boyle directs the film as if biographical, of this man who wakes up alone in a hospital to find no one is left, who then has to run for his life to get away. Boyle makes this an experience worth watching as he flicks the camera here to there especially when an oncoming attack of the zombies approaches. The setting is the key player from the beginning which evidently doesn't show any sign of stopping throughout the duration of the film. This helps create's the tension when needed to give the audience a thrill of insecurity about what's going to happen.”

A good review in that they like it, my only complaint? They’re not zombies.

Hater: Taken from IMDB
“I originally saw this in the Cinema and left un-entertained. I thought it was a good idea that was shoddily executed. Some acting was appalling especially the daughter, can't remember her name. Also, Danny Boyle isn't a good director, he's meant to be making a horror film here and he puts a stupid supermarket scene in. It starts with trolleys being ridiculously choreographed through the checkouts and the 2 girls having great fun helping themselves to the chocolate, forget 5 minutes before, when they were nearly savaged by the sprinting zombies. And the ending?! What a joke. Cillian Murphy is suddenly an action hero. Nowhere before in the movie did it reveal that he had such stealth skills and the nerve to take out trained army personnel. 28 Weeks Later was by far a superior film. So when 28 Days Later was on TV last night, I thought maybe I was being a bit harsh with it, so I watched it again. After two hours, I realised I wasn't being harsh enough.”

Now now, where to start! I love this film its one of my top movies so I shall defend it aggressively! Acting is a matter of opinion especially if you’re not going to come up with any examples of why you thought they were that bad. Danny Boyle clearly is a good director and once again no point made. The shopping market scenes are used as a contrast and if these characters had been living in this world for 28 days prior; they would be used to being chased and would probably take advantage, c’mon it’s what everyone would do! Well now there’s that Z word, they’re an infected human that’s why they can sprint! Cillian Murphy an “action hero?” he doesn’t do anything that strategic; just stays out of sight and against soldiers who are terrified of the infected; it’s not that hard to believe he could take them on. Anyway you missed the point; the rage virus is a window into what we humans can be capable of, Jim’s descent into aggression is the un-infected example of rage.

What I thought:
As the title said 28 Days Later is a landmark in British horror, It’s scary and thought provoking; two things you rarely see in films of this nature. Despite some short sighted people our monsters here are infected people, plying itself free from any “zombie convention” and any comparisons are subjective. The acting is great if a little wooden from Megan Burns (Hannah) and the directing and cinematography is stark and exposing with the kinetic camera work thats used when portraying the infected is perfect. Even if you didn’t find 28 Days Later scary (by the way it scared that pants of me when I first saw it!) it is thought provoking stuff. Leading to conversations of an empty London and post epidemic Britain, it’s a terrifying look at this in practice albeit with a made up virus.

Available on Blu-Ray and DVD
Running Time: 113 mins
Cert: 18

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