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Cars 2

The Black Sheep of the Pixar family is back

Lover: Taken from IMDB
“Cars 2 is about Star race car Lightning McQueen and his pal Mater head overseas to compete in the World Grand Prix race. But the road to the championship becomes rocky as Mater gets caught up in an intriguing adventure of his own: international espionage. For Disney/Pixar this is much different compared to Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Cars, Up, Wall-E, Monsters INC., Ratatouille, Toy Story 2, The Incredibles, A Bug's Life, And Toy Story 3. All have been Wonderful Films. Cars (2006) has been rated as the lowest rating of Pixar. But i thought it was wonderful. Cars 2 has the same formula. If you don't like Larry The Cable Guy, you will not enjoy this movie. He outshines Lightning McQueen, by being the main character. this film comes with my highest recommendation.”

It is different from the rest of the Pixar Canon but this is not a good thing in this case and sadly Larry the Cable Guy’s turn as Mater is more annoying when the focus is on him, or is that just me?

Hater: Taken from IMDB

“How sad to rate this movie "awful" - but that's what it was. Really, I LOVE Pixar films - I even really liked Cars 1 - but this movie fails on so many levels. I saw this movie with my husband and he's in agreement - Cars 2 was not good. It was too busy and loud, so many things going on at once it all just sort of blended together. The trusty and likable old characters were relegated to the back burner, leaving Mater and some unlikable new characters to carry the show. I didn't give a hoot about the new characters, the plot was convoluted and lame, and it just wasn't funny. Honestly, I may have laughed once or twice, but that was it! It wasn't really geared toward young children, and the other adults in the theater seemed to be as bored as we were. Half way through the movie I found myself thinking "when is this thing gonna get better?" Then answer was - never. If you must see it, rent it and save yourself some money. Pixar - you owe us one for this stinker!”

Cars 2 however is not a stinker, the runt of the litter it may be but Cars 2 is still full of the pure wonderful inventiveness and complete immersion in its world that is a Pixar hallmark. I feel there is to much of one person’s bias here, which is fine it’s what these online things are for however when reading remember the only and best judge of a film is yourself.

What I thought:
When the first Cars came out it almost straight away became the black sheep of the Pixar family. It’s vehicular persuasion of its characters making them not as emotionally attachable. The story is not as complex or as layered making this the most kiddie friendly fair they ever made. Since then Cars has gone on to make lots of money through merchandising alone. The second was an obvious choice to make, in the eyes of the kids Cars is fun, easy to understand and an immensely rich environment to explore.
So what of the sequel, does it meet the expectations of the crowd it’s really aiming for?

Well for the majority yes, for such films I always look to the opinion of my twin boys. 5 years of age and the perfect judge of such things, when one during the film seems more interested in the projector I fear the attention grabbing habit of Pixar films is lacking here. Only a little as the only other interruption was for a toilet break, which you’d forgive a 5 year old. To the point however they laughed at the foolish oaf of a tow truck in the right places and looked on in awe when they put cars into set pieces that could rival the best of action directors.

So from their perspective it was a fun joyride that expanded hugely on the world for Cars that has been oh so lucrative of the people at Pixar and Disney. Adult viewers however will lose interest fairly quickly; Mater is a funny sidekick not a leading role, his usual horribly silly shtick grates on the nerves as the ever likeable but predictable Lightning McQueen takes a back seat. There are two strands running through Cars 2, one is a worldwide grand prix that McQueen is dying to win. All of that set against what is essentially a spy film in the cars world as Michael Caine’s Fin McMissle Blasts and “Car-Fu’s” his way through foes.

That part of this story is the most impressive and had it been the main focus would have been a blast, instead we are left with a left with a “what could have been” with a big goofy teethed grin.

In Cinemas: Now
Running Time: 106 mins
Cert: U

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