Thursday, 27 May 2010

Same sh*t different day

Lovers: Taken from imdb

"I saw this movie at a preview event last Friday night and it was hilarious. The sold out cinema was laughing hysterically throughout the movie. The movie is fast paced and does not drag. The comedy is "r" rated with a little raunchy adult humor that can be shocking at times but that is in line with the movies theme of male/female relationships.Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler were both great in the film. Not a role that you would expect to see the King of Sparta, but Butler has great comedic timing complimenting his tough guy persona. And Katherine Heigl is once again perfect doing comedy.If you are expecting to see a typical romantic comedy you will be surprised, because this R rated film is geared toward the men in the audience as well as the ladies. Grab your significant other and be prepared to laugh and enjoy the movie together."

There are some good laughs to be had and it is quite fast paced but then there that last 20 mins…

Haters: taken form imdb

"Before renting this film I had read quite a few reviews about this film on this site and decided that it sounded good and would be appropriate for me to watch with my 17-year old daughter. I was misled. So, I need to make a comment. I've just re-read as many of those previous comments/reviews, plus a dozen more. It seems that many people saw the film in "preview" showing - they all loved it. Could those posts be planted by the movie production or distribution companies? Because, frankly, this movie was not funny, it was filled with vulgarity, and it was poorly made, with choppy scenes, poor character development, etc.If the creators of this film were trying to emulate a Hepburn/Tracy-like relationship on screen, they failed. Seeing a beautiful woman say the word c*** repeatedly is not humorous, sexy or intriguing. It's just plain bad film-making. A terrible script, stereotyped characters and, overall, a bad career choice for the actors involved.Very inappropriate for high school aged kids who love the romantic comedy formula and go to these movies because they feel good that the couple ends up together happy. This couple finally gets together, but my daughter and I felt liked we'd been dragged through the mud with them to get there. "

I can see where this lady is coming from, some jokes are crude but in all fairness there is worse out there! The point with the repeated cock lines is a bit cheap and not very funny.

What I thought:
As usual me and “rom-coms” don’t get on, they are all the same and ultimately boil down to one point. The important part is the journey and up until the final third The Ugly Truth is actually quite funny. Gerard Butler plays his character well and is quite good at delivering those funny lines, of course Katherine Heigl has made a career out of roles like this and as usual she is just as likeable as any other similar role, she has a very “Meg Ryan” moment at a dinner table that’s quite funny.

Where this film lets itself down is at the end, they build this film up as a battle of the sex’s comedy that holds no punches. What comes out at the end is a slushy romance to make you gag, which is a shame as there was some potential. The ending was just so non committal and felt like it was written in 5 mins and up until that crawl to the end the film is fast moving and the gags come quick and fast.

So it’s a laugh until about the last 30 mins or so, nothing to write home about.

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