Friday, 21 May 2010

Growing Pains

Lover: Taken form IMDB
“So i got the chance of seeing An Education and let me tell you, i couldn't wait the hour to come and tell what a fantastic film this is. Well even that the plot has been re-used several times, i believe that this time it really move me. this movie has heart and even made me laugh and cry. Every one from the director to the cast did a terrific job but there were two that shine: Carey Mulligan and Rosemund Pike. Carey did a terrific and moving job as Jenny; she's so natural and charming but also so strong and moving as this girl that i think that if she doesn't get the Oscar i will be so upset and many of you too. Pike also shine in her bubbly role but also made me feel some compassion for her as somehow the other woman of copper's character. so if you have a chance of picking this movie anywhere you are don't even think twice; this movie is gonna change you.”

Well I don’t know about “changing me” but I liked the film too.

Hater: Taken from IMDB
“It is simply beyond me how this film is seen as anything more than light moralistic drivel. I see about 400 films a year, and this was one of the 5 worst. Awful acting from the father, totally unbelievable and silly-easy plot, the sort of script that make film students wonder why they need to bother to study. It is moralizing nonsense from a woman who obviously fell too easily, got her feathers burnt, then spent the rest of her life avenging herself, and blaming him for being a cad. There are plenty of age-gap relationships that have lasted lifetimes, and even more same-age relationships that fail dreadfully, with abuses all around. It feels the film was made to score social points in a puritanical Britain. No depth of any kind, just that one lovely fake-teen, and a story that no doubt titillates older men to score it over a 5. Don't fall for the publicity-made hype. It is a TV movie at the most.”

It’s a shame these days that films are taken so seriously and this review isn’t even the pick of the bunch! One review I read damned the film for just being plain wrong!?

What I Thought:

When considering An Education you have to first detach yourself from the hysteria that has been made of horrible Paedophilic story’s that fills our news. As horrible as it all is it should in no way be applied to this movie which in a round about way is where some of the more scathing reviews are coming from. An Education is more than a coming of age story; it applies itself to the argument of where you learn more whilst growing up; in the real world or packing yourself off to college and University.

Our main character is a bright, charming and beautiful girl pushed into things by her parents at a time when the world was really moving forward. Perhaps not in the right direction but there was so much freedom out there for the youth and a revolution was going on. When a mysterious gentleman gives her a lift home and sweeps her off her feet its no wonder she gets carried away. Here begins the more controversial parts of the film, this gentleman just so happens to be quite a bit older. If it were to happen today his face would be on the front the Tabloids and he would be labelled a “predator”.

In some way’s he is though and it’s a credit to Peter Sarsgaard who plays him so well to the point where you don’t want to feel sorry for him but you do. Of course Carey Muligan is everything you have heard, a completely committed performance and worthy of every accolade she has achieved. In the end our main character has learned valuable lessons and found her way, because after all there really is no way of knowing how best to get “an education” because the real education is working that out for yourself.

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