Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Inglorious Basterds

Tarantino takes no prisoners

Lover: Taken from IMDB
“Inglorious Basterds makes no apologies, asks for no forgiveness, it's a no holds barred assault on the senses. Tarantino doesn't care if he offends, if he steps all over stereotypes and clichés, this is film making at it purest. It's great to see a film maker whose work clearly isn't interfeared with by the powers that be. Tarantino is a master of effortlessly cranking up immense tension and suddenly mixing it with laugh out loud moments; you're not sure if you should be looking away in disgust or rolling around laughing, either way it's a roller coaster and one not to be missed! It's not for everyone and I'm unsure how Germans will take the film, certainly if you're not a fan of Tarantino's style, this may be a little hard to swallow, but never-the-less, it is a film which simply has to be seen. No self respecting film fan should miss this. And the performance of Christoph Waltz... Oscar don't you dare ignore him!!”

There is no doubt that Tarantino is a very talented director and that Basterds is one of his better films, however I think he’s films can blur between talent and arrogance.

Hater: Taken from IMDB
“Seriously disappointing performance by Brad Pitt and Q T, the plot is very superficial and lame, and, unless indirectly intended, this film actually glorify the Nazis and portrays them as men of honor, and show that the Jewish people are deceiving, cant keep promises and bloody vicious. ((THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS SPOILER)) Hitler together with the most notorious Nazis are attending a stupid plot less movie about the killing of 300 Italian soldiers in a small cinema theater in Paris is unbelievably ridiculous. the Nazis laughing and hooraying each killing in the movie as if watching a basketball game STUPID, the deal at the end is lame. whats really appalling is that the movie earned great reviews and is ranked here in the 40s amongst the greatest 250 films. will not be surprised if it harvested many awards, including Oscars, as well. the movie is simply a kissing ass to the Jewish people, but hey reconsider, its not even doing a great job doing that. it truly dwarfed the whole Nazi - Jews conflict and a pure insult to all who fought and suffered from the tyranny of the Nazis.”

This is a bit of a touchy review and indeed a touchy subject, I mean ptraying the Nazi’s has “honourable men” may glorify them but in most cases they were honourable men. Most of the German army were proud fighting men who risked their lives just was much as the allies. The higher echelons of the Nazi party were of course not so honourable and the atrocities that occurred were mainly due to the decisions and the propaganda created by the few. I think that’s what this guys is going for? This armchair critic also contradicts himself and I quote “show that the Jewish people are deceiving, cant keep promises and bloody vicious”. He then goes on to say “the movie is simply a kissing ass to the Jewish people”, hmm well whatever, I don’t think it does either.

What I thought:

The Hater review is a little mis-directed but I can see why people will hate this movie. It takes some huge liberties with history but then it does start “once upon a time”! I liked this movie and I though it was a return to form after the convoluted and arrogant mess of Kill Bill!

The dialogue is sharp, intelligent and witty exactly what you expect from the uber-geek auteur. His control over tense scenes is still second to none; just watch the scene in the bar, utterly compelling viewing or the early scene that Christopher Waltz announced his triumphant entrance onto the world stage. I mean he was fantastic in this, one of the finest performances of the last few years without doubt.

Tarantino’s arrogance in this film is only that he knew he would get away with taking such historical liberties, apart from that this is a fine alternative reality WW2 movie!

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