Monday, 7 February 2011

Solomon Kane

It’s very, very wet!

Lover: Taken from IMDB
“If you have no knowledge of the movie before enjoying this excellent piece of art, you will probably make some of the same mistakes as I did. When Solomon Kane is first introduced, you're sudden that he is not played by Robert Downey Jr., but face-recognition is impossible until he loses the beard. First will you think it sucks, but post the prelude you will fall in love with James Purefoy. The movie provides a main storyline which you will recognize from Star Wars, The Patriot, Lord Of The Rings, but it does also provides unique touch of Solomon Kane. Imagine The Patriot following the story of Gabriel (Heath Ledger), but with a way cooler main character: Lord Aragorn from LOTR. This movie remains you of why trilogies are made, and you wish Solomon Kane was in 3,4,5 or 1000 parts. It fulfills every expectation you could ever have to an Action-Adventure movie, and if you do not like the genre, then watch it just for the beauty of it. I have never felt the need of writing a review on IMDb, though I use it dayli, but I felt i owed it to all of you. WATCH IT!”

This is a way over top review for what is a way over the top film. 1000 parts I’m not even sure about the 1 part!

Hater: Taken from IMDB
“Very poor, shameless exploitation of the work of Robert E. Howard who must be spinning in his grave. The author of this original story was such a gifted story teller. His Solomon Kane bears zero resemblance to this Hollywood film. Like the terrible films made about Conan, this simplistic farce bears no resemblance to the author's great story telling. people who give this film a positive review are clearly not familiar with the plots, style and characterizations built by Robert E. Howard. This is too bad. I was so excited initially to see this film. As a boy Robert E. Howard's stories were a vital part of my life. Kane was one his more obscure characters, so I was hopeful. However, this film does not honor a single line, moment or idea of the original stories. They have just stolen his name and wardrobe and made a film that makes no sense at all to me. I was unable to finish watching this film.”

I felt it was important to get an opinion of someone who knew something about the original work, as I have no idea. As you can see it’s not that good!

What I thought:
The first thing to pop into my mind when talking about this movie is that I think it’s raining for about 90% of the film. Now that’s not a reason to think a film is bad, it is however a hint to how lethargic the rest of the film feels. Solomon Kane feels like a bad rip off of Lord of the Rings transported to Medieval England. There are no similarities in story it’s just the look for the film, starting with our hero.

For anyone not familiar with the original comic book Solomon’s look is pure Aragorn, there is nothing really wrong with that but the similarities are to strong character wise. There is no attempt to make Solomon a totally original character and when he’s lumbered with the cheesiest lines in the film it all looks and feels so wrong just imagine Aragorn telling all those orks on pelennor fields to “come on!” Credit where credit is due James Purefoy does the best he can with the material and does convince with his fighting which by the way is the best thing about the film.

With a story that is as un-original as it is predictable and actors that look like they’re hoping to make the next big fantasy franchise, it must find a niche somewhere? The action is a redeeming factor, very well thought out sequences of swords, axes and sorcery are fun to watch. The final nail in the coffin, when our big bad guy shows up at the ending you’re waiting for Gandalf to appear and cry “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” It’s just too much! Well here is hoping that the reboot of Conan isn’t this bad.

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