Thursday, 22 April 2010

Will the real bond please stand up

Lovers: Taken from a customer on Tesco DVD rental

“This is a good Bond film, better than all Brosnan's film hands down, although Quantum of Solace isn't as polished as Casino Royale. The villians and the bond girls aren't as memorable as in Royale, but Craig and Dench are on top form, with Dench being given a welcome extented role. The action scenes although good, are just a carbon copy of the latest Bourne film, which is a shame as Bond doesn't need to copy the Bourne films, as he has his legacy to look up to. Don't expect any invisable cars, cheesy one-liners or any raised eye brows, as this Bond is more like the Terminator rather than a posh, martini drinking spy. That said, the story is really good and continues Bonds investigation of the dark organisation that killed Vesper. And know doubt, Bonds investigation into this organisation will play an important role in the next film which I look forward in seeing. I hope they get a Chris Nolan (The Dark Knight) to direct the next one, as I think he'll introduce some new intersting concepts to the Bond franchise. Overall solid entertainment.”

Well I say lover but even this person recognises the faults in this film which I will explain lower down.

Haters: Again taken from Tesco DVD rental

“First off don't believe the hype! Although this film does follow on from Casino Royal it just isn't in the same class. I say this with a deep sigh as I wanted this to be another great outing for Bond. In the press releases we are told Daniel Craig did most of his stunts but, you can't tell as the film makers have taken the Borne Identity school of action filming and plonked it in the middle of a Bond film. The cutting is so fast you can't tell what the action is let alone who is fighting, not what I expect of Bond. The other let down is the plot or rather lack of one. Dame Judi & Daniel were good with what they were given to work with, which wasn't much. All in all I was very disappointed and I can only hope Mr Bond's next outing isn't during a writers strike...”

I agree with this one but not on the same points…

What I thought:

First things first, it’s not as good as Casino Royale, its clearly influenced by another certain amnesia suffering spy and finally this is a bond like no other. This is a bond where you feel every punch, where every explosion thunders down the speakers but that pretty much it! Quantum took what was effectively a rebirth of James Bond and made it into a script that is effectively an excuse for a fight or explosion every 5 minutes!

It is a real shame and a real waste of all the talent involved, it was time for bond to grow up but is that really what everyone wanted to see? If I want kinetic camera work and fighting that looks like it really hurts I’ll watch Bourne. I want a bond that us charming and suave not brooding a gloomy! I want gadgets that are impossible not a free running bond leaping across balconies. Like Casino Royale before it its just not bond, but unlike Royale which at least was a good film this is not even that.

It’s not terrible the action is brilliant but if they are going to make it a revenge flick they needed to make more of it.

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