Friday, 9 April 2010

Shaky-cam a go go

Lovers: Taken from IMDB
“The Bourne Supremacy is the sequel to the successful Bourne Identity spy thriller. This movie, directed by a new director, is given a different yet extremely exciting feel to it. The casting is still great, with Matt Damon bringing a deadpan portrayal to the Bourne character. Hes very good in this role, which commits a great success to the whole of the movie. Supporting players Brian Cox and Julia Styles, along with newcomer Joan Allen, all provide stellar support for Bourne. The action is intense and really well done, and the plot is thrilling and will surprise you quite a bit. The camera-work is extremely fast paced, and overall it has a gritty, captivating style. With all of these elements together, you got one great action thriller that in many cases even surpasses Identity! Movies like this are hard to come by, in todays times with many action pictures that just don't work and become tedious. Ill give this near perfect- *** and 1/2 outs 4 Star's- definitely see The Bourne Identity before this- don't fret: you will be very entertained. “

I agree with this review on several counts, Paul Greengrass brings his kinetic camera work to the Bourne trilogy and it is utterly brilliant! The supporting cast get stronger roles than they had before and makes for a more intriguing story. The action is intense and nail biting and it does surpass identity!

Haters: Taken from IMDB
“I watched the Bourne Identity on DVD the night before going to the cinema to see this. I looked forward to it but...

Twenty minutes after the start I had to leave the cinema. I felt very ill and it wasn't the curry we ate earlier. I am sometimes a bit sensitive to hand-held camera shots but this was aweful. EVERY frame was jumpy - and it wasn't the guy in the projection room dancing.

My teenage son went with his mates to another cinema the same evening and had similar problems - though he stuck it out to the end with his eyes closed several times.

By the way: my son and I watched Matrix Revolutions from the fourth row ona big screen. We had no probs with that.

Producers please don't do this again.”

Well now, almost every bad review about this Bourne entry is about the camera work. I think it’s fair enough maybe that kind of movement isn’t for everyone but I don’t think its right to damn a film to the point of telling people not to see it. Like I said its not for everyone, that means that some people will not only be more than happy to watch it but enjoy it more. I personally feel it captures the fighting and the action brilliantly. This is a review for someone who went to see Matrix Revolutions four times!! What does that tell you?

What I thought:
I loved this Bourne film, I thought that the new direction it had been taken was perfect and only built upon what had been established in the first film. It’s a nail biting thriller that does keep you on the edge of your seat and a great film to revisit.

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