Friday, 23 October 2009

In a galaxy far far away...

So, three more star wars films if Avatar does well! Of course it bloody well will! Is this true? who knows but there are pro’s and cons, after the “jumped up toy commercial” prequels perhaps the creators will see the error of their ways and go back to basics. That could of course be null and void as the fact they would be done in full 3D which would suggest top of the range CGI and no substance like Britney Spears. There’s the little matter of who will direct and although I’m very doubtful that this report is true, just imagine Star Wars directed by the likes of Spielberg and Coppola!?

Of course there is the TV series to come out and the original movies to be done in 3D and no doubt released in blu-ray and DVD again! Shame how they have made the original films that mean so much to so many generations into shameful money spinners! Such is Hollywood these days and despite trying my best not to I’ll still go and see these new films if they ever come out.

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