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Reality TV, do you like it? I bet at some point you’ve read or spoken about it. The thing about these programmes is the controversial moments, the moments that Reality TV supposedly pushed the envelope of Television. When in reality all it does is glorify everything that is wrong with this world… not that I don’t like Reality TV.

Anyway the movie, Live is a Mockumentary about the trials and tribulations behind the scenes of a new reality TV show. This reality show makes the contestants risk their lives for 5 million dollars in a game of Russian roulette. It’s darkly funny but also a rather serious issue that isn’t really explored enough. Whatever is next for reality TV; well studio bosses take heed, this film I s a warning.

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My review for this film will also be in a future issue of the Croydon Advertiser, I’ll let you know when.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Sex and the City: The Movie

Sex and the City: The Movie

I watched this for the first time last night; one of the things that struck me had nothing to do with the film itself. I remember thinking; wait a sec I’m a bloke, should I be watching this? Well women can watch footie and I know some women that quite enjoy graphic violence! So why cant a heterosexual man watch a programme or film like Sex and the City and actually enjoy it?

This is beside the point, as I thought the film wasn’t as good as the series. The film took moments of sincerity, which in the series would have seemed actually sincere and made them mushy and cheesy. The series was short little snippets of these four women’s lives that held a lot of laughs and felt genuinely moving, the film is an over baked experiment in dragging this over nearly a two hour movie it just didn’t work for me. You knew where the story was going from square one, if you’re a hardcore fan then you’re sure to get a kick out of it. The characters are back and the actresses’ know how to play them!

Anyway enough of this can’t keep going on about this movie I have a rep to protect….

Well maybe not.

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oh and on a personal note, my column was not in this weeks Advertiser as planned due to unforeseen circumstances, but I am assured it will start next week, fingers crossed…

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Fear[s] of the Dark

Fear[s] of the Dark

Fear[s] of the Dark

Saw this film last night, well I call it a film, it’s a 82 minute collection of cartoons and animations by some of the most respected artists and cartoonist about the subject “Fears of the dark”.

There’s no doubt it was wonderful to look at, the animation is lovely and the subject matter is of interest to all. Where it misfires is in its obscurity, whilst the stories are easy to follow, they are still confusing and for the most part not scary at all.

Basically it’s just a visual treat for the eyes, nothing more.

Check the film out for yourself

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

New Films

New Films

The Orpha *cough* I mean Trick r Treat, looks quite creepy and Bryan Singer produced it.

Igor, yet another Pixar wannabe but the main character is voiced by John Cusack

Ghost Town, Ricky Gervias gets his first leading man role in what looks like it could be funny.

Appaloosa, another part the new "western revival" reforms Viggo Mortensen and Ed Harris after the under rated History of Violence.

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Far West Battlefront

Far West Battlefront

Now although this clearly is not film related, it’s my blog so I feel it only right to plug one of my best mates bands. Far West Battlefront takes me back to the days of liking metal, of bouncing around like a crazy person at a gig or in a metal club. Some of you may say I’m biased, well I am to a certain degree but I stopped listening to metal a long time ago but this band just have certain something that works for them.

So please go to their myspace add them and tell them how much you love them, because before you know it they will be touring the world.

Bellow is the link,

Don’t bother listening if you don’t like metal, this just aint for you…..

much love to my brother from another mother….

Friday, 15 August 2008



Now this film’s release date has moved more times the gypsies, but it doesn’t half look good. A World War 2 set film about an assassination attempt on Hitler that went wrong. Directed by the ever brilliant Bryan Singer and starring an awesome cast (see above).

Check out more pictures from the production at

or click here to read about the actual event

Wednesday, 13 August 2008



I watched this for the second time last night; I have to say its one of those rare movies that gets better every time I see it. Every so often these films come along that demand repeat viewings; sometimes the plot is complicated like Donnie Darko, other times it could be that you missed some action or some lines. With Juno it’s the sense of well being.

At first I was sceptical about Juno, the dialogue for every character is so un real, that it kind of taints the serious nature of what’s really going on; teenage pregnancy. Forget the Dialogue and think about the issue, Teenage pregnancy is at a staggering high and is now considered a normal thing. Juno doesn’t glorify the issue; it just brings it under a spotlight and shows that it can be a beautiful thing.

Juno as a character is just an eccentric teenager with some wonderful insights, she goes through a harsh learning curve and on the way gives a wannabe mother a dream come true. Everyone is happy including the Audience.

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Friday, 8 August 2008

The Croydon Advertiser

The Croydon Advertiser

The Croydon Advertiser have just offered me a regular film column, great news huh!? So check out my film column, the first one should be in the 22nd of August but I'll let you know on here when it will fisrt appear.

My mission to deliver film news, rumours and reviews has been given another faucet. So keep reading and keep watching film fans.

The Bee

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Kiss kiss, bang bang

Kiss kiss, bang bang

I am a big fan of Robert Downy Jnr, his on screen presence is unrivalled and his voice is cool and original. He’s had a hard time of it and had more comebacks than an Amsterdam brothel, but his charming personality have meant we have welcomed him back with open arms every time. One of his smaller roles was that of Harry in Kiss kiss bang bang, where he plays a small time thief mistaken for an actor.

This film is a classic crime thriller with moments of dark comedy thrown in, Downey Jnr is joined by an on form Val Kilmer. I have never enjoyed Val Kilmer on screen this much, well maybe in heat. His performance is dry and witty and more than lives up to Downey Jnrs charm. Although the acting is not the problem here, the problem is a story so muddled up in twists it’s a little confusing if your not paying attention, the ending is a little disappointing as all the loose ends get tied up in rather disappointing knots.

Still it was enjoyable enough and as ever Robert Downey Jnr shines.

Go check it out for yourself

check out his next film that looks very funny

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army

Here he is, here is Hellboy this fully fleshed out character who no longer needs an origin story, an origin story that was a little thin on the ground in detail and imagination, with not a booable bad guy in sight. Hellboy 2 is great, I saw an advanced screening of it last night and I loved it!

Guillermo Del Toro has been given free reign, after Pans Labyrinth it’s clear to see why. This films imaginations and dedication to effects (favouring puppets over cgi for some of the shots) make it a spectacle. The actors have more fun with the banter between team members and Luke Goss plays evil Prince Nuada, with a cool name, a cool look and an expandable spear he ass kicks his way through the film.

Not as thought provoking or as enthralling as The Dark Knight, this is up there with Iron Man for this summers sheer entertainment thrill rides!

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The X Files 2: I want to believe

The X -Files 2: I want to believe

This year has been full of exciting build ups, first it was Indiana Jones, and then it was Dark Knight. Even before the dust of the Dark Knight could settle The X files came back. I was hugely excited, as an ‘X phile’ (as we are dubbed) I was looking forward to seeing my favourite characters back together again. The build up was unbearable and the early reviews were quite damming. I did not care, I knew I would love this film and I did.

Much like Sex and the City and Indiana Jones did earlier this year; Xfiles is not as good as the first few seasons or original stand alone episodes, but it is good enough to be counted as part of the complete saga. Everything you loved about the Xfiles was here, David Duchovney playing the loveable but stubborn hero, once again with some great moments of wit. Gillian Anderson is back what she does best, being Mulders polar opposite and the only person that keep him grounded. Its directed very much like a stand alone episode and you could imagine the story being part of the series.

Its only iffy parts are the relationship between the two agents that is very well acted, it’s just that everyone knew they loved each other but no one actually wanted them to get together!

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Monday, 4 August 2008

Greatest Movie Weapons

Greatest Movie Weapons

In honour of Empires top ten greatest movie weapons; I’m going to do mine because I liked the spread so much. I’m just doing my top 5 and coming in at no 5…

5.The Martian Heat Ray

Oh yes the laser beam so hot it’s invisible and turns everything to fire at its touch, HG Wells created this monstrous sounding weapon that the Martians in his book use mercilessly. It’s had trouble finding its way into film (imagine an invisible ray of heat!) but Steven Spielberg’s Heat Rays in his 2005 effort have to be the best so far. They are the pg version in that people don’t melt they just burst into ashes, which is a rather brilliant effect, the tripods also wield them more like guns in this film.

4. Rockys Fists

These fists have seen many a fight and many frozen slabs of meat, Rock Balboas mitts are a fine piece of cinematic weaponry! From his training montages where he smashes the hell out of a frozen bit of cow, to his fights where he has knocked out Mr T. these fists are a force to be reckoned with. “What we'll be calling on is good ol’ fashion blunt force trauma. Horsepower. Heavy-duty, cast-iron, piledriving punches that will have to hurt so much they'll rattle his ancestors”

3. Arundil (Aragons Sword)

Now not only does this sword slice up men, goblins, orks and the undead! It also takes a hell of a long time to show the whole thing in a close up shot! Almost as long as Aragon himself, Arundil is the sword of kings forged by the elves that can only be wielded by the King of Gondor and as such is a worthy number 3.

2.M41A Pulse Rifle

Aliens is full of hardware and big beefy weapons, but none sound or look as good as the pulse rifle. This machine gun is the gun of a lot of boyhood dreams; it tears up Aliens like butter and sounds brilliant when fired! I was going to write full specs of the gun, but you really just need to watch Aliens if your unsure why this came in 2nd.

1. Double Ended Lightsabre

Our Winner is the doubled ended light sabre, which is about the only redeemable thing about the Phantom Menace. It just about tops having one light sabre in each hand and knocks off Qui Gon Jin. Ray Park gets his name well and truly in the minds of geeks by flying all over the screen, making for what arguably is one of the finest light sabre duels in the whole saga!

Anyway if you liked this go and buy this months Empire Magazine.

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Saturday, 2 August 2008

Married Life

Married Life

I saw this film in a screening last week, it was my first time back to the Soho Screening rooms in a long time. I like this place its small and pokey but there is something reassuring in its d├ęcor. Movie posters signed by Directors and Actors alike and a rather fetching, rare poster for Withnail and I (which I have been tempted to steal). Anyway enough of that the film, it’s a tale set in 1940’s America about marriage and long term relationships.

It’s a quiet movie, slow paced and at time a little tedious. There are some great performances though Pierce Brosnan should definitely do more voice work, as his brilliant dulcet tones guide you through this story. An unhappily married man who is cheating on his wife, he decides the best way of letting his wife down is by killing her! Well it makes for some interesting scenes and your emotions towards him will go on a roller coaster!

Anyway check out my review at

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Or go and see it if you need a break from big summer blockbusters
(This is the onlycinema in country showing it! =S)

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