Thursday, 1 April 2010

A New Direction.

I have decided to take Beeonfilm in a new direction by dividing my reviews into three sections. These sections are Lovers, Haters and what I thought. The idea being that you get a better all round idea of what everyone thought of that particular film. Instead of describing it to you here is that format fitted to the first Blade film…

Lovers: Taken From an avid fan on IMDB
“This film is superb! Wesley Snipes Plays Blade the vampire hunter with pure class, he kicks butt in such a fluid and violent way that would make Bruce Lee proud. The movie is a fast paced, thrill ride of action and superb stunts. The first action scene and last are outstanding and Wesley looks like a Terminator as he runs around wiping out all suck heads. The script is pretty good and there is sharp dialogue too. Wesley should have done more action films than he has, i know he is a very good actor and in this he is not streched as much as in his more comic or drama roles but as far as action stars go he is the best actor of them all, only Bruce Willis, Stallone and perhaps Tom Cruise (if he counts as an action star) come close. Also aswell as Wesley being quality, Steven Dorff is also very good as the bad guy. It was an unexpected surprise that someone of small stature compared to Snipes should come across as menacing, but he does. Overall the film is sharp, stylish and i hope the sequal is done with the same sort of pace”

Now I can see where this guy is coming from, all the blade films are action packed and fun to watch. I probably wouldn’t go as far as to say superb but its fun.

Haters: Taken from a plot revealing hater on IMDB
"Blade seemed too unbeatable. He also beat the Blood God too easily. I can accept that sunblock protected Frost's skin from the sun, but what about his eyes? And when did he suddenly gain the ability to dodge bullets? Although Blade is heavily outnumbered by vampires every time he fights them, he's never attacked by more than one vampire at a time while others patiently wait their turn. It's an old cliche, but it's so obvious here it ain't even funny. Maybe I missed something but weren't the council members an essential element in the process of raising the Blood God? Yet even though one of them was killed by Frost's girlfriend the ritual goes through without any problems. Blade killing his mother with a bone? etc. Some scenes in "Blade" look like they've been heavily "inspired" by The Matrix, but since it came out only 6 six months later I can't really say it was a rip-off.”

Extremely interesting points of view in this one, I have always been troubled by the fact Deacon Frost can magically survive in sunlight if he wear’s sun block! He also points out the other obvious plot holes. Personally I just think he’s nit picking in what ultimately is an entertaining film.

What I Think:
Blade is a great film; it has kiss ass action with over the top bad guys. It also has an element of hyper reality which is used brilliantly to show the difference between the vampire world and our world, it was strangely dropped from Blade 2 and put back in rather unceremoniously into the third Blade but that’s for another time! It was the first comic book film to have above average production value and the first really well received, so in a sense it started what has become a money making machine! As far as the vampire genre goes Blade trumps must of them on entertainment.

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