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Captain America: The First Avenger


Lover: Taken from IMDB
“I just got back from a special pre-screening (no they didn't show Avengers trailer but..) CA is awesome! I give it an 85 because there were some things they could improve on, but man was it awesome. I'd say Iron man is still #1, but CA is pretty dang close. It is par with Hulk and then comes Thor and IM 2. Yes I liked the Hulk, I couldn't figure out what fans didn't like about it, anyways another time. Great movie, I will for sure go see it again. I don't get why the critics are giving it bad reviews, I feel like they are now bias to comic book movies, or just don't understand what's going on in it. The only thing wrong with CA was that it wasn't 5 hours long, which makes sense, it was a little rushed, but whatever all the important pieces were there. It was great story telling, and man Chris Evans is Steve Rogers!!! The Red Skull was great too, an actual scary bad guy. And those of you who were worried, don't be there are Nazis and swastikas in it. It followed the comic almost perfectly, almost, you'll see what I mean, but I think for the movie universe it might just work out. The director did a perfect story telling job her, couldn't ask for anything better. I'd like to see some multiple emotional stories in a sequel as well as more bad guys. Anyways I'm pumped for Avengers (now we can see why CA is one of the greatest heroes in the Marvel Universe), and I will go see CA again tomorrow at midnight and again on Fri so hopefully I'll catch my Avengers trailer. This is one movie I don't mind paying for 2d or 3d, it's all about the story here”

Lots of praise and I agree the last Hulk wasn’t that bad at all! However it’s not as fool proof as they make out and the bad guy is anything but scary…

Hater: Taken from IMDB

“I didn't get what the fuss is all about until i saw the movie and realised it's a feel good movie for Americans then why bother releasing it in other countries . If ever there was a comic book movie not supposed to release outside u.s. it's this movie , a man covered in stripes branded with stars looking like an American clown fighting with dozens of Nazis,oh sorry hydra-what?,exactly . Overall this movie had no good action sequences to speak of , an almost forgettable climax , all our hero does is throw an olympic discus provided by howard stark and almost always looks like an average superhero with nothing special,either in charisma(contrary to batman) or powers(contrary to almost every other superhero). I left the movie halfway through , intolerable to say the least “

Well my first criticism here is the same with anyone who has said they left the movie half way through, you’re in no position to judge! Especially I might add when you mention the ending in your review!? The American thing was a worry I’ll admit but I think they pulled it off and I’ll tell you for why…

What I thought:

Let’s get the obvious comparisons out of the way; Captain America (aka The First Avenger) is not as good as Thor. The man wearing the American flag is not a bad film either; it’s well paced, really funny in places and has some kick ass set pieces. However there is a but and it’s a pretty big one unfortunately.

Captain America is a comic book movie about a boy who wants to fight the Nazi’s, he’s small, pigeon chested and with a list of ailments as long as his weedy arms. He is however an honourable man with the best intentions, he more than makes up for his lack of size with his courage and for that reason picked for a secret Super Soldier programme. He puts on a bit of muscle and becomes Captain America, a human being at the peak of human capabilities and then some. Off to fight the Nazis and his nemesis The Red Skull (snigger).

Firstly to the failing in this movie and the most laughable, these heroes are nothing without decent bad guys let’s face it. Thor’s Loki was a brilliant character and so well played, that’s not to say Hugo Weavings performance as the Red Skull is not good, in fact he’s perfect but even he is undermined by all this “Hydra” stuff. Now I know it’s in the comics but do they all really need to be wearing those ridiculous masks, making them nothing more than faceless disposable henchmen? Not to mention they’re faux Nazi salute (A ridiculous two fists in the air) getting sniggers from an audience every time they do it (in my cinema anyway).

Another thing that troubled me I will again need to reference Thor to explain, a mythical world, warring God’s and mystical powers seem a little far-fetched in this particular Marvel reality. Somehow though it was accepted and worked so well, this is because it was for the most part separate from our world, Asgard is easy to accept within its own reality. A “Deep Science” division of the Nazi party during one of the most documented times in recent history is not so lucky. Stop there you may say, Nazi’s have been used in such a way before, take the occult link in Indiana Jones? That however is more plausible. Their Nazi officers wear Nazi uniforms and call themselves Nazi’s, Hydra does not and in the words of Anne Robison “They are the weakest link”.

Despite all of the above I really did enjoy Captain America, its origins story is slow moving but with heartfelt moments that never really get too cheesy, focusing more on the character than his name and using his first use as a money making tool to dumb down the whole “American thing”. It’s also littered with really funny moments and I’m talking belly laughs, my favourite being Tommy Lee Jones announcing “I aint kissing ya!”. It also has some of strongest action in a Marvel film to date, Captain America has no advanced techno armour or some massive tool of the gods. He has his fists, guns, wits and of course a great big shield, this means ol cap gets the best opportunity for ass kickery in the whole Marvel Canon.

In Cinemas now
Running Time: 124 mins
Cert: 12

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