Friday, 6 August 2010

Revolutionary Road

One long argument.

Lover: Taken from IMDB

“Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio were the incentive of my going to see this film, and I could not be more convinced of their talent than I am after the two-hour brilliance.

This film is reality in its purest, yet magnificently artistic form – the anger that is portrayed repetitively and in various occasions reminded me of the wrath I myself occasionally experience, from the overture of an argument to its climax; the screaming, the furious need to verbally and physically harm, punch, kick, no matter how much affection is felt towards the recipient. Even during the scenes that are meant to be tranquil, there is anxiety and tension hidden in their smiles, a sort of counterfeit politeness that should never be present in a happy relationship.

It is all a depiction of two genuine lives that have the potential of existing in complete harmony, yet cannot because of the stereotypical environment and situation they find themselves in. They both crave change, an alteration in their monotonous state of being, but because of the lengthy period of time that they have spent in such a circumstance, their mentality is differently modified. April (Kate Winslet) finds unreserved determination to leave to Paris and although her character seems at times erratic, we gradually come to understand that she is in fact the stronger personality of the two; she truly finds change favorable, whereas Frank (Leonardo DiCaprio) seems to find the idea of change more flattering than change itself.

Each choice a person makes can change a life, and that life is not always theirs. This film shows us just how wrong something right can be, as well as how right something wrong can be.”

A good point of view if I cared about the characters one iota!

Hater: Taken from IMDB

“Wow what a bad movie. We went into this movie with very high hopes and it was a total bomb. Complete waste of money. It was nothing but arguing, adultery, smoking, drinking, fighting....ugh...and all between a housewife and a working husband in the 50s/60s.

This movie could have easily turned around in the ended on a positive note with the trip to Paris, but no. It ended with death and tears and questions still remaining.

Leonardo and Kate worked well together. They are great actors ...but...the plot and the story line in this movie was slow, depressing, and not worth the time or money.”

I’m with this one, the acting was great and very convincing but the material just wasn’t there!

What I Thought

After hearing good things I was really looking forward to the reunion of Leo and Kate but it is rather disappointing. Sam Mendes other films that aim for the same place like American Beauty had characters you invest in and care for, this fails on that on so many levels. The couple in question are supposed to be blissfully married but you know the whole way through that it all ends in tears, there’s no surprise here! This couple are awful together and watching their relationship degrade has no entertainment value in the slightest.

They spend half the movie shouting at each other, I found myself feeling sorry for the kids and there only on the screen about 5 mins! It could have and should have been more. Leo has grown into an actor of supreme presence and “our” Kate is as comfortable in this as any other role. Its just the story that trudges along like some troll with forgettable dialogue that bring this film down to what is essentially a “how not to be married” self help tape.

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