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Scott Pilgrim Vs the World

A Geeks wet dream

Lover: Taken from IMDB
“I have never, ever wrote a review before even though i have watched a insane amount of movies in my time (Roughly a Million). As far as video games are concerned i have won a Nintendo Championship yeah thats right i remember those days. This movie to me stomps the best story lines out there, Crush's action films like "The Matrix". Overall this is where "Film" should be going. If you remember what it is like to be a kid and your a adult now, you and your kid(s) can watch this together. Trust me it's worth it, We all love a good drama story and thats exactly what this is. Sure they threw a awesome amount of action in there but isn't that needed so men and women can enjoy a film together these days? Oh and lets not forget the awesome way the music was brought into this storyline Kudos! MAD prop's goes out to Michael Cera dude you have brought me over to your fan base. Good call on the 100% flawless cheat code. I PRAY! there is a sequel to this movie and i hope it earns awards. Peace for now Xavier”

I think its great to, though I question the “million” films his seen and I personally feel it should be left well alone with no sequel.

Hater: Taken from IMDB
“ had the best line, when the first weekend box office rolled in and true dimensions of this flopparoo's losses were noted: "The world won..." Could this be the first sign that Hollywood's geek streak is over, that films starring nerds with zero charisma may have hit their wall? Gotta be. Even though the graphic novel had the same bug-eye fetish as Jasmine Becket-Griffith, the hero was better looking that Cera. That tell you anything? And it's risible that die-hard fans of the comic book (let's call it like it IS, kids) have surrounded this bomb with conspiracy theory to explain its failure. It was overdownloaded! The studios wanted it to fail! Nobody went to see it! Riiiight...”

Ok so the “The world won…” is a pretty funny line but this reviewer has missed the point of a review. First of all who cares about “Hollywoods Geek Streak”? Care to back up this statement, names of films in this “streak” no? I didn’t think so! I didn’t think nerds were supposed to be charismatic and there’s no conspiracy from me, no one when to see it, it’s a shame but it’s true. Could try and talk it through with excuses of bad marketing etc but I don’t care, no one went to see Fight Club when that came out either!

What I thought:
I loved Scott Pilgrim for many reasons which I could go on about for ages but I don’t want my personal opinion clouding my judgement here. I’m not deluded, I can see why some people wouldn’t like Scott Pilgrim, I mean it’s quite fast paced and with all the alt-reality scenes and crazy fight sequences it might be a bit much from some people.

It can also lose people in one of its main aims, to bend what is essentially a teen comedy into a video game. What we have here is a weird blending of genres that doesn’t give much opportunity for laughs, like Hot Fuzz before it; which got stuck in the final third as an excuse to blow up the English countryside. Edgar Wright has proved himself the master at this; Spaced was the testing ground, the Petri dish that with each episode he would blend genre after genre by paying homage to some of the all time classics. Out of this grew Shaun of the Dead which had almost limitless supply of laughs to be had in the situation. Hot Fuzz suffers for its art as its obvious references to big buck action movies don’t leave much room for comedy.

Scott Pilgrim suffers in a different way, The computer game violence and young cast point to a hip young audience into teen comedies with a bit of bite. Whilst Pilgrim has all of this it also pays respect to some computer games that are older than the majority of its audience (with some, me included!). People can feel undermined when they don’t get the ‘in’ joke, It’s like hanging out with a new group of friends and them laughing about an on-going situation you know nothing about.

It should find more fans on DVD and indeed in lush Blu-Ray, it’s a such a fast paced film that on re-watching it you will notice things you didn’t first time and maybe laugh a bit more.

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