Thursday, 23 December 2010

Tron: Legacy

Mutton Dressed as Lamb

Lover: Taken from IMDB
“In my eighteen years on this earth, I have been able to see many movies, some of them great, some of them terrible. Only one of them, however, has been able to move me to tears of exultation and utter, boundless joy. That movie, my friends, is Tron Legacy. The Tron franchise has always been known for its cutting-edge approach to film-making as it tackles tough issues and offers a refreshing commentary on surprisingly deep subject matter. Legacy goes even further than its wonderful predecessors. This movie is the second coming of Christ. It is an orgasm for the senses. It is the word "perfect," transformed into an animated, watchable form. It is love itself. It is like an evolved form of oxygen that is so much fresher than a typical breath of fresh air. If you don't see this movie, you have never experienced life or seen color or felt a single genuine, worthwhile emotion. Life begins and ends with Tron Legacy.”

I just liked this one because it was really dramatic, I did like Tron: Legacy but this review is a little over the top!

Hater: Taken from IMDB
“Tron Legacy is so bad, that if I had been in Jonestown and they were showing this film, I would have drunk the Kool-aid half way through the film to end my life. The lines are so bad, the acting is borrowed from every blockbuster that was a success before this film (think Star Wars, Raiders, Attack of The Clones..etc.) the idea is, if they show you familiar themes with familiar frames and a music score that is supposed to be avant-garde but comes up sounding borrowed and repetitive. The Film wants to be Batman, and a video game at the same time, and it never makes sense. For a film that's about computers, the computers seem awfully stupid and the Users even more idiotic... Save your money and see Yogi Bear at least that movie has no pretense.”

Firstly I have no idea where this person is getting their comparisons from and fails to justify why they make them in the first place! Don’t save your money for Yogi Bear, go and see Tron; that despite what you may have heard if it’s nothing else it’s visually and audibly groundbreaking!

What I thought:
I describe Tron as Mutton dressed as lamb; the reason I do? Just look at the trailers and listen to some of Daft Punks score! It paints a film that is epic in scale as well as effects; sadly the end result doesn’t live up to the hype. A story that’s a little thin on the ground and more interested in getting our characters in and around “The Grid” than development.

However it does live up to something, in fact I would go as far as to say surpass something; the visuals. Everything you have seen and everything you have heard is true; the world of Tron looks utterly amazing! The basic design carries over from the first film but there are no flashes of nostalgia here, this world has evolved. It’s now a neon nightmare complete with fully computer animated storms, sky scraping cities of gravity defining buildings and all your old favourites are back including the Solar Sail (impressive for a world without a sun!). However the thing that eclipses all of this, the young Jeff Bridges; Pure and simply put its groundbreaking stuff! It’s utterly convincing and it will blow you away!

After all this though you really thought the 3D would be impressive, sadly I think the film would be just as visually gorgeous without it. I don’t mind as it proves me right again, the 3D had no added effect to the film what so ever! Stop charging me extra for it!

The Soundtrack is utterly amazing and well worth shelling out for, Daft Punk have surpassed themselves with synth dance beats mixed with Haz Zimmer-esq theatrical scoring with an electronic edge. It all adds up to one thing; a film that looks the nuts and should be viewed on the big screen, however don’t pay the extra for 3D it has no effect to the already stunning visuals. Sit back and enjoy the action, which is fast paced and thrilling and enjoy Michael Sheen the short time he gets on screen as he is excellent!

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