Saturday, 12 February 2011

American Pie 2

Growing pains

Lover: Taken from IMDB
“To make things blunt, I laughed my butt off. I went and saw the movie downtown Seattle the night it opened at the Cineplex Odean at midnight...that was the best crowd I've ever seen a movie with. I could usually tell what was coming, but I was still shocked when it actually happened. I'm usually pretty conservative when it comes to movies, but the American Pie movies have been two of my favorite movies ever. The second movie takes over at the end of the first year of college. The first scene can be figured out by seeing the previews, but there were still a lot of surprises in the movies. There are a lot of great scenes at Stifler's party, and I was surprised to see that not only were the main characters back, but most of the supporting characters were back as well (remember the two guys from the M.I.L.F. scene?....they were in the second movie as well). Even Stifler's brother is in the movie. The movie is pretty shocking, but still very funny, I think my favorite part involved Petey. I think everyone needs to see this movie, from junior high aged and older...its destined to be a classic.”

It’s not a classic by a long shot but it does have something over the first: the whole plot is not about teenagers losing their virginity.

Hater: Taken from IMDB
“A really lousy sequel to the original dud. The first film is essentially reprised here, with similar jokes (bodily fluids disguised as other liquids, intercourse being interrupted by parents) and with the same unusually bogus characters, a bunch of rich white frat boys. Everything seems so contrived and convoluted that it's impossible to sympathize with actors like dweeby Jason Biggs, who can't get laid properly but still has the most gorgeous woman trying to bed him. And the other principals are either so outsized (like Seann William Scott as the obnoxiously unfunny Stifler) or lame (the impossibly good Oz, played by Chris Klein) that there's no possibility to connect and no reason to try. Only Eugene Levy, as Biggs' father, has some mildly humorous moments, but they're in his appearance and not in his lines. Teens will like the gross-out humor--this is who it's designed for--but it's a case of `been there, done that' and even they probably won't be clamoring for a trilogy.”

Well there are a lot of things I could say about this review but I can round it up to one point: “they probably won’t be clamouring for a trilogy.” Sure about that?

What I thought:
Teen comedies don’t so sequels very well, this is probably to do with the age of the average person seeing them. Could you imagine a Breakfast club sequel? Of course not, it would be murder! Most people who see teen comedies and like them are the people of that age group, they become a film for that age, and of course now the core group of fans of that film start growing up, what happens then a sequel comes out. It doesn’t have the same effect; it doesn’t activate the nostalgic gene of so many adults. American Pie 2 is not a bad sequel the characters are growing up if not in some rather unrealistic ways!

Pure and simple it’s just not as funny; most of it is too damn sentimental! The story does continue and the result is somewhat realistic, our heroes have realised that’s things change and that growing up must be done. That is of course till the third American Pie!

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