Thursday, 28 July 2011

Inspire! by Simon Maier


So a second book to review and hopefully I can make a habit of this, It’s a honour to get a look at fellow film writers work. Inspire is chock full of quotes from cinema and theatre and the idea of these quotes is of course to inspire. It takes you through the last 10 decades of these industries setting the scene for you with a short history on the decade and takes you through films and plays of the era and quotes them explaining why it’s inspirational.

That was a very boring and uninteresting way of putting this book but sadly that’s all the book really is. Reading through it as a film fan it’s often a good book to reminisce with the writer (Simon Maier) and agree whole heartedly that this film was an inspiration. It does end there however with the writer spending more time on exposition than he does with this own commentary. This is a shame as the writing is interesting and sincere, with genuine moments of insight into the speeches he quotes.

Of course with a book of this nature it will divide people, the key is in what an individual person is inspired by. Not everyone for instance can take inspiration from Schindlers List, its dark subject matter leaving some people feeling morose rather than inspired. This means that the book will be di jointed for people reading it, for those that disagree with the writer its even herder. With no where near as much personal writing about why he thought it inspirational; it’s hard to argue with that.

It should be said that Inspire! Is written by a prolific events manager and confident public speaker, it’s also published by a Marshall Cavendish Business. This for me sais all you need to know, meant more of a business motivator that genuine comment on inspiration on screen and on stage it misses the mark for anyone fanatic about film.

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