Monday, 30 August 2010

Return to service

Beeonfilm will resume normal service as of tomorrow due to Reading Festival break...

Arcade Fire were amazing!
After the reception they got the world just might be ready for Limp Bizkit again!
Weezer are back with a vengeance probably the best band of the weekend!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

The Expendables

Sly Stallone finally nails the old school fun!

Lover: Taken from IMDB
“Wow.. this movie was very good. I have been looking forward to this movie for over a year and it did not disappoint me. Yes the story is not the best. But that's OK because you don't need a 'very' good story line as long as the movie is entertaining as hell. The acting could have been better but its still good acting. This movie has action, funny moments,intense moments, insane violence just anything you want in an action movie! Most Critics are giving this film negative reviews on but this movie is mostly for the fans. Bottom line very good action packed action movie that's brings back the memories of the 80's. Stallone, Statham, Li, Couture, Crews, Lundgren, Austin, Willis, Schwarzenegger, Rourke, the gang is here!Very nice work Stallone!”

Couldn’t agree more, this film is just really good fun!

Hater: Taken from IMDB
“Bunch of sweaty blokes try to out-macho each other. The heroine is tortured, then dragged through bullets, raging fires and explosions as the whole set is blown up, yet emerges unscathed with perfect hairdo. Pointless appearance by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Missed all opportunities for some decent jokes, and had to repeat an average one just in case we missed it. Unlikeable one-dimensional characters, predictable plot, no twists and not an ounce of suspense. I found nothing to like about this film, and would have walked out if I had woken up. Expendable plot, expendable dialogue, expendable characters ... I could go on interminably, like the film does.”

This is fairly negative but I would ask, what else were you expecting!?

What I thought:
Sylvester Stallone of late has been trying to make us go back in time with him, whether he’s growing old gracefully or going through a late mid-life crisis who knows? Rocky reminded us of old days and a character we all love but it was never going to compare with the first one, they never did! Rambo was a selfish movie and felt horribly forced. The Expendables however…

He’s finally done it, like Frankenstein's monster the expendables extends its muscular hand though the grave. As Sly Screams “I’ve created a monster!” we all cheer and the reason we cheer? The Expendables is the movie he should have made instead of Rambo, it harks back to the old 80’s action movies that if released now would be welcomed with sniggers of laughter. It’s got non complex characters with very easy to follow morals and ideas of right and wrong (you try and rape woman I cut off head and hand and slice your neck). It’s got great one liners “next time I’ll deflate all your balls”, everyone delivered with a tongue solidly in cheek.

Then there’s the action, a team of hard guys take on impossible odds and come out unscathed, that includes the actors and their careers! It’s just good old fashioned fun and seeing lots of people getting killed hasn’t been this much fun since the action movies of old. There is that “one” scene of course, that does hold gravitas and I don’t care who you are, the sight of Arnie walking through the doors is literally pant wetting. It does feel forced, like friends just having a chat rather than acting. None more so than Arnies as he literally phones this job in. The last joke however is a killer!

What a great year we’re having!

The Buzz: 26/08/10

They are really scraping the barrell for Marvel super heroes now...

free cinema tickets for school kids? sounds like my kinda education!

Viggo Motensen gets some more work

So does Channing Tatum

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Inglorious Basterds

Tarantino takes no prisoners

Lover: Taken from IMDB
“Inglorious Basterds makes no apologies, asks for no forgiveness, it's a no holds barred assault on the senses. Tarantino doesn't care if he offends, if he steps all over stereotypes and clich├ęs, this is film making at it purest. It's great to see a film maker whose work clearly isn't interfeared with by the powers that be. Tarantino is a master of effortlessly cranking up immense tension and suddenly mixing it with laugh out loud moments; you're not sure if you should be looking away in disgust or rolling around laughing, either way it's a roller coaster and one not to be missed! It's not for everyone and I'm unsure how Germans will take the film, certainly if you're not a fan of Tarantino's style, this may be a little hard to swallow, but never-the-less, it is a film which simply has to be seen. No self respecting film fan should miss this. And the performance of Christoph Waltz... Oscar don't you dare ignore him!!”

There is no doubt that Tarantino is a very talented director and that Basterds is one of his better films, however I think he’s films can blur between talent and arrogance.

Hater: Taken from IMDB
“Seriously disappointing performance by Brad Pitt and Q T, the plot is very superficial and lame, and, unless indirectly intended, this film actually glorify the Nazis and portrays them as men of honor, and show that the Jewish people are deceiving, cant keep promises and bloody vicious. ((THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS SPOILER)) Hitler together with the most notorious Nazis are attending a stupid plot less movie about the killing of 300 Italian soldiers in a small cinema theater in Paris is unbelievably ridiculous. the Nazis laughing and hooraying each killing in the movie as if watching a basketball game STUPID, the deal at the end is lame. whats really appalling is that the movie earned great reviews and is ranked here in the 40s amongst the greatest 250 films. will not be surprised if it harvested many awards, including Oscars, as well. the movie is simply a kissing ass to the Jewish people, but hey reconsider, its not even doing a great job doing that. it truly dwarfed the whole Nazi - Jews conflict and a pure insult to all who fought and suffered from the tyranny of the Nazis.”

This is a bit of a touchy review and indeed a touchy subject, I mean ptraying the Nazi’s has “honourable men” may glorify them but in most cases they were honourable men. Most of the German army were proud fighting men who risked their lives just was much as the allies. The higher echelons of the Nazi party were of course not so honourable and the atrocities that occurred were mainly due to the decisions and the propaganda created by the few. I think that’s what this guys is going for? This armchair critic also contradicts himself and I quote “show that the Jewish people are deceiving, cant keep promises and bloody vicious”. He then goes on to say “the movie is simply a kissing ass to the Jewish people”, hmm well whatever, I don’t think it does either.

What I thought:

The Hater review is a little mis-directed but I can see why people will hate this movie. It takes some huge liberties with history but then it does start “once upon a time”! I liked this movie and I though it was a return to form after the convoluted and arrogant mess of Kill Bill!

The dialogue is sharp, intelligent and witty exactly what you expect from the uber-geek auteur. His control over tense scenes is still second to none; just watch the scene in the bar, utterly compelling viewing or the early scene that Christopher Waltz announced his triumphant entrance onto the world stage. I mean he was fantastic in this, one of the finest performances of the last few years without doubt.

Tarantino’s arrogance in this film is only that he knew he would get away with taking such historical liberties, apart from that this is a fine alternative reality WW2 movie!

The Buzz: 25/08/10

avatar 2? not just yet...

Piranha 3D sequel

The Social Network

Yogi Bear and the smurfs get the CGI treatment

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Far Cry

Uwe Boll, cinemas scapegoat?

Lover: Taken from IMDB
“It was directed by Uwe Boll. So what? Is that makes this film instantly the worst film ever? I know, Uwe Boll is not the greatest director ever. I saw Bloodrayne and it was pretty awful. But you gotta believe me, Far Cry is an entertaining, action-packed flick, and if you love those "B"-movies from the '80s and '90s you will love this movie as much as I am. Believe me please, and give it a chance! It has some corny jokes but still great! And I mean it! Till Schweiger was good in his role, Udo Kier is an icon, it was a pleasure to watch him, and...Great action, explosions, car-chase, boat-chase, blood, and everything you need! Great movie!”

um, were we watching a different movie?

Hater: Taken from IMDB
“Mr. "Uwe Fail" strikes again, transformed a classic game in a cheap piece of crap. Poor acting; Poor Directing; Awful adaptation; I mean, Far-Cry game was awesome, its like a true FPS game, cool weapons and lots lots lots of "point and shoot". In the movie we had nothing compared to the game.. Well we had some of the "point and shoot" thing but... I don't know how to explain, but if you ever watched another "Uwe Fail" movie you will understand. If you don't believe me, go to the website "petition online" and do a check for one named "Stop Uwe Bowl”. That movie made my eyes bleed, someone must stop him for once. Don’t waste your time. “

that’s more like it!

What I thought:

The fact that I only watched 40 mins of this movie should give you an idea of what I thought of it. Now recording this on Sky was an impulse thing and had I read the description and realised Uwe Boll directed it I would not have bothered! Pure and simply he is one of the worst directors I have ever witnessed, his films and dire carbon copies of all action movies, like he just opens a text book about directing. His work is never original, it is never well written and the music is piss poor.

The only redeeming factor in this move is that Til Schweiger (Inglorious Bastards) is in it. Apart from that it’s all just the same old shit. I can’t feel sorry for a director who keeps bringing out films like this! How the hell does he get financed when there are some really great young indie filmmakers out there struggling! When there’s a petition to stop you making movies you should probably call it a day!

The Buzz: 24/08/10

The Avengers has to many men

Monster Witness Relocation Programme?

Miyazaki does a sequel!?

Carey Muligan is the designated driver

Monday, 23 August 2010


It’s a bit like running man.

Lover: Taken from IMDB

“Reading IMDb reviews in 2010 reminds me of reading reviews of Welles, Hawks, Ford, Hitchcock, Sirk and others by American and English "experts" before the French came along. Or reviews of 70s films before Tarantino rescued them. A film isn't plot, words, characterization, a linear original narrative. That stuff comes in your How-to script books and makes me shudder. A film is images, sounds,colors, and the syntax of a film has no relation to "what happened" but HOW things happen. Kane is a masterwork because of how it's made, not because it addresses the life of a newspaper fascist. Gamer is shot so that it occurs viscerally, with great speed, sometimes beauty, often wit, and its intentions are never overswamped by an impulse to preach or teach. It's appeal is a bit like that or Richard Prince's billboard reproductions.”

A good point but what about the film or film criticism? I agree totally but its till fun reading a review that tears films apart, specially the ones you hate.

Hater: Taken from IMDB

“This movie has every bad quality one could imagine from a film. The cinematography, premise, storyline, distasteful nudity, acting, and random dancing scenes with the guy from Dexter each contribute to this being the worst movie I have seen since Bachelor Party: Vegas. Nothing in this movie made sense. Society and Slayer rocket this creepy computer geek to position of world's richest man? No one has a problem allowing people to lead death row inmates into almost certain death? Normal people undergoing brain surgery in order to allow people to control them? I understand that it is a fiction movie, but it is ridiculous to go this far on so many levels. I wish I could give zero stars but I'll settle for one.”

I can see where this guy is coming from it is a patch work of plot holes but then just look at the directors previous work!

What I thought:

Gamer was a visceral fast paced action movie that felt a bit like Running Man, saying that it’s the same old “future prisons using death row inmates for sick reality TV” thing! Nothing really original here I’m afraid, apart from maybe the whole computer game feel. The action is fast and hectic, then again what do you expect from the guys that brought you Crank!

Thing is, it’s not really that entertaining, some of the action does kick ass and it has clever ideas along the way but nothing more. The acting is phoned in and the script is a cardboard cut out, how to make a sci-fi action movie. Above all else though is the complete lack of any tension, never do you really care whether or not our Hero will make it or not. The only thing you’ll care about is who is going to killed next and in what grizzly way he will die.

Did I say it had great action though?

The Buzz: 23/08/10

Angies a busy lady

Some X-Men: First Class Bread Crumbs

Jim Carrey to pop some penguins

Hanks and Bullock up for post 9/11 film.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

It’s like life, back wards.

Lover: Taken from IMDB

“This film is worthy of a 10/10 rating simply because of its imaginative and complex nature, I mean, I couldn't bring myself to know why this simple idea of a man aging backwards hadn't sprouted up before. Set all the way back at the end of the Great War, to New Orlean's meeting with Hurricane Katrina, this movie tells the story of Benjamin Button, a baby born an old man of eighty, destined to die in the mere form of a zero-year-old. I found this movie very emotional and special because there's reeally nothing like it. I honestly thought, when I found out the immense length of the film, it was going to be boring....I was wrong, it gripped me from start to finish. There are many emotional and touching scenes in it, including the end, where it brings forth Benjamin Button's 'younger' years as an old man. Nothing went wrong with the cast, Brad Pitt played a great job as a reverse-aging man, and Cate went well as his childhood friend. Overall, this movie was great and I recommend it to anyone who loves the genre.”

The length is a bit of a problem but it is very touching movie.

Hater: Taken from IMDB

“I wasn't particularly enthralled with the idea of this film before seeing it but there was nothing else good on, so I gave it a try. An interesting idea for a film, that he grows physically younger but mentally develops in the normal way. However, this leads to many inconsistencies in the storyline. It doesn't make sense that Benjamin, when he becomes a father, decides to leave and travel the world. He looks of the age to do something like this but he's meant to be more mature... And when he's an old man in a young boy's body, he has a tantrum like a young boy would, but that doesn't fit the idea of the story, either... When trying to find the point to this whole story, all it comes down to is that we should look after those close to us and take more care of them. Well, that's an original one! To me, it became extremely boring as there is never any deep meaning to it and it just keeps dragging on for far too long when you can see that it's quite a stupid idea to put into a film. The anecdotes in the story, the acting and the direction are all good but in the end, what's the point?”

Hmm some good points but a little defunct if you watch the movie closely.

What i thought:

I liked Benjamin Button but it was a bit depressing, it was like Forrest Gump without all the meetings with famous people and major events. Button is essentially about life and death and the idea that everyone is unique but that we all eventually go the same way. Depressing? Oh yes. Of course this is David Fincher though, the cinematography is sublime and the effects of the “reverse aging” are stunning. Brad Pitt is also brilliant playing the different ages; in fact it’s a real tour de force for him!

It’s not very re watchable though, I already don’t think I could sit through it again and as the reviews above are a testament to it does leave a lot of questions, sign of a good move or just bloody frustrating, like Big Brother “you decide”.

The Buzz: 22/08/10

Sam Worthington bites back

Ray Winstone is the sweeney!

Jim Jarmusch plans his next move...

Iron Man scribes set to tackle turtles

Friday, 20 August 2010


Great idea, bad execution

Lovers: Taken from IMDB

“The core scene in this movie is the one where the unHoly trinity carve things out."I played the 'only begotten son' card." "I, too, played the 'only begotten son' card." "Ah, so you, too, have realised that, in this game, that gets you total world domination for two thousand years?" "No, you bastard, I loved *my* son." And meanwhile the ice maiden who is also becoming-mother looks on in horrified fascination. What? Was I the only one who got that? I vote for Bruce & Milla. A bloke who'll take it on the chin and love his kids and the flesh & blood version of his wife, and a girl who'll get the job done and then hurry home to gestate .Or maybe I vote we play a better game.”

well, not clear what they are going on about. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention…

Haters: Taken from IMDB

“Well folks, after years of waiting it's finally arrived - a movie that consists entirely of plot holes. The movie begin with an utterly implausible premise (most people live their lives through robotic avatars - what, everyone? Even poor people?) and just goes downhill from there. This is an insult to the intelligence on an epic scale. The only good thing that I can say about it is that it was only an hour and a half long, but it's an hour and a half of my life that I'll never get back. It's really the most awfully shocking drivel. The exec who green-lit this steaming pile of donkey dung should be taken out and shot, and then brought back to life and shot again.”

Ok, only really one point made here and it’s a plot hole? Actually he should watch the film again it’s not a plot hole at all. It’s never implied that “everyone” is living through the surrogates and presumably most of the poor people are in with the rebel types?

What I thought:

It’s like every film of its sort, think i-robot or minority report, future sci fi, paranoia and conspiracy. More often than not they are all sadly predictable and all end in the same manner. Surrogates is no change to the norm and it’s not even that fun to watch. You know its bad when the only impressive thing on screen is the effect of making Bruce Willis look 20 years younger, it’s utterly convincing. I mean if I want to see that though I’ll watch Die Hard or something not this.

There's only really one decent set piece in what is painted as an action movie and no real suspense. That again is a shame as the idea is great and with facebook and other social network sites becoming the only way a lot of people communicate, it does ring true in a sense. Any higher purpose though is forgotten and it tries to be a thriller without the thrills. However some people may get a kick out of the concept and checking out Bruce circa 1988.

The Buzz: 20/08/10

Director Alex Aja (Phirana 3D) to direct a cobra?

no more smoking in movies

Ryan Reynolds to nab safe house

and Liam Neeson is a "flying tiger"

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

It’s a match made in heaven. Scott lives his life like one big video game, which is somewhat a speciality for this extremely talented director. He’s taken on Romero with Shaun of the Dead and Michael Bay with Hot Fuzz, but what’s special about Pilgrim is that he takes on no one. A story that resonates with all people especially those of a certain age and disposition. A story that could just be a simple American coming of age rom-com, however under the command of Edgar, all is not as it seems....

To read more, click here...

the Buzz 18/08/10

the inner child is giddy with excitement over these new harry potter photos!

set photos from captain America!!

Avengers to be shot in 3D, there's a surprise!!!

Edgar Wright on Ant-Man

Le Greenboy

I was contacted recently by a french filmmaker working on "le greenboy", a movie comic in Paris, with a super-normal-ecolo-hero.

The idea is to make it into a feature with Alysson Paradis (the sister of
the wife of johnny Depp), and Diane Dassigny.

The music is made by "we are enfant terrible", a french electro-punk group, well know in Paris.

The video can be viewed here

I for one really appreciate this for what it was indie filmmakers trying there best and coming up with some thing that is well produced for what it is. The filmmakers are clearly passionate about the project and it is very funny,so more from France and Viva Le Greenboy!

Monday, 16 August 2010

The History of WW2 in movies and TV…

Part 1: Pre-war Germany, the war clouds begin to gather

It was a time of political unrest, WW1 “the war to end all wars” had left Europe a bloody mess and Germany was left not just to lick its wounds but pay the price. Some say the Treaty of Versailles was too hard on Germany some will say otherwise; the important thing to remember is that the German people thought it was. A German Solider and veteran of WW1 Adolf Hitler certainly did and it created a monster. Hilter was a talented public speaker and took advantage of his countries unrest to create the Nazi Party.

Hitler: The Rise of Evil
Director: Christian Duguay
Main Cast: Robert Carlyle, Matthew Modine, Live Schreiber, Peter O’Toole

To Portray this part of history is a bit of a pitfall for any filmmaker, how do you portray a man so recognized as one of the Evilest men of our time. The Rise to Evil shows you a Hitler that seems socially inept and even a little unhinged at times. However from witness’s accounts at the time Hitler was actually very charming, he would become frantic when talking publicly (as seen in numerous videos of his speeches) and towards the end of the war he was particularly erratic. Not this early though.

That’s probably the biggest niggle about this 2 part TV movie made in 2003, there are several historical inaccuracies; ranging from dates, people being omitted or played differently from how history portrays them. There are other liberties taken but as a portrayal of pre war Germany and the rise of the Nazi party it’s very good.
Robert Carlyle has the difficult task of getting the man on screen and we all know he’s very good at the psychotic characters. His Hitler is morose and un predictable, not to mention crazy but not really how the real Hitler was at that point in his life, according to the history books he was more charming. When Carlyle’s performance really takes off is in his public speaking scenes where he has clearly studied the footage of Hitlers speeches.

The production is fantastic and looks incredible and the rest of the cast give committed performances, overall Hitler: The rise of evil looks and feels great but it does glorify this man slightly and does turn Hilter into a bit of a pantomime villain. Especially in the earlier scenes when he’s played a bit like young Voldermort from Harry Potter. Also would have preferred this film if it had been in German or that the cast at least attempted German accents but like I said little niggles in what is quite an enjoyable period piece, just don’t treat it like a history lesson.

Country of Origin: UK
Certificate: 15
Running Time: 177 mins

The Buzz 16/08/10

John Belushi biopic and others.

Brigitte Bardot does not want a movie about her life

Shia LaBeouf and John Hilcoat call 999

The Harry Potter split revealed

Another story you have to be registered to see so i wont put a link but the FT have reported that after some of the 3D films bad performance at the box office its not looking good for the new technology. I'm not a fan of 3D so i say lol!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Buzz 12/08/10

Channing Tatum gets himself in all sorts of positions

Gerard Butler's try's "the beautiful game"

Fox gets a "Chronicle

While Paramount Say "Au Revoir" (note they arent closing down or anything)

Toy Story 3

The Perfect Trilogy

Loved it: Taken from IMDB

“I attended a special screening for Toy Story 3. I went in with HIGH expectations. I LOVED the first two Toy Stories movies. Toy Story is a beloved franchise that almost everyone that I know loves the first two films. Now how about the 3rd film? Well all I could say is that it lived up to my unbelievably HIGH expectations and then some. This is such a good film. It has the laughs, magic and best of all the entertainment. The new characters in the movie feel like they were in the previous two films, they were that engaging and really worked well in the movie. The best part of the movie has to be the ending, I almost cried and was moved to just about to tears. I truly believe that this is one of the best Trilogies of all time. It might even rival the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.This movie has a real chance to become the First Animated Film to win Best Picture. I surely would not be surprised. 10/10 An Amazing End to a Fantastic Series Go Watch It.”

couldn’t agree more.

Hater: Taken from IMDB

“Bad, really really bad animation, in fact, absolutely crumby TACKY animation. Maybe Mr. Pixar should take a look at Max Fleischer's "Popeye" cartoons, hand drawn in the 1930's with the most basic analog technology. Am tired of melancholic Israeli peacenik crap (e.g., "Shrek Goes Fourth"). You, Pixar, live in a war zone not of your own choosing, so suck it up. It ain't your fault millions of Arabs have a Third-Reich death wish for you (c.f., Haj Amin Al-Husseini, the mufti of Jerusalem). This is nothing more than a 3rd rate documentary dressed up in 4th rate low-budget computer animation. The only reason international festivals and the Oscars fawned over and award this slop is because it conforms to their anti-Fleischer liberal bias. Nothing like a toy scrapping the ground in abject guilt to get a rise from the Church Ladies.”

There are bad reviews in there that may have a point (more about that later) but this bad review was just too funny not to quote! All of this for a kids film!

What I thought:

I have been saying it over and over again in my head but Toy Story 3 is the completion of what is the perfectly executed trilogy! Let’s take some of the best trilogies, Star Wars people still pick a favourite and most hated the ewoks! Lord of the Rings, most people thought Return of the King was just a tad to long and Orlando Bloom gets worse the more you watch them. Even things like Back to the future are let down by a lack lustre third entry.

Toy Story has done something not done before, every movie stands alone in all its CG glory as a testament to Pixars work. Nothing encompasses the companies’ ethos more, that it picked up where Disney left off with such awe inspiring family films. The fact that my son cried out “WOODY!” when he was in trouble proved it to me. I have never known them to sit still that long or to cry out when a character was in trouble! The thing is, it was just as harrowing for me as it was them. I grew up with these characters, the first film came out in 1995, and I was 11 years old! Toy Story 3 deals with what everyone knew would come, Andy would grow up and have no need for toys anymore and it’s heartbreaking.

The complaints about the film centre around on how scary and dark the film is in places, I would agree. Saying that my boys loved it, not once did they indicate they were scared. Its central theme can be scary but then when did children worry about a “central theme” personally I think these complaints have come from over sensitive parents.

So there you have it 2010 continues in such a great way, looking forward to Scott Pilgrim Now.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The Buzz 10/08/10

The "Stath" remakes the mechanic.

The man behind Kick Ass is unhappy with comic book movies? ah?

Torchwood Rebooted?

yay, cloverfield sequel!

Say Anything

One you haven’t seen

Lovers: Taken from IMDB
“I rented this movie solely based on the excellent reviews that it has gotten everywhere. I missed it during its theatrical release (as so many others did) and had the hardest time finding a copy of it at our local video rental stores. Not because it wasn't popular but b/c, according to the clerks, people kept stealing or "losing" their copies...especially around Valentines Day. When I finally got my hands on a copy I was blown away. I had thought this was going to be just another in a long link of Pretty in Pinkish movies with predictable characters and a bad case of puppy love, but what I got was a surprisingly refreshing, unconventional story with a complicated and well-developed emotional depth flawlessly captured by the actors and Cameron Crowe.”

Say Anything is even today quite unconventional so yeh good points made I think.

Haters: Taken from IMDB
“I barely made it through this film. After reading such a great review of it, I was expecting something decent if not great. Instead I found it to be one of those films that feels like it goes on forever. I didn't feel anything for the characters, good or bad, there was no chemistry between the love interests. There is only a very general plot, but you sit there asking yourself "what on earth has happened in the last 2 hours? Nothing." It simply misses the mark at every opportunity. Save yourself from two hours of monotony and misery and pick something else to watch.”

Well a fairly scathing review with no points what so ever, that’s helpful.

What I thought:
Well firstly it was impossible for me not to like this film as I’m a big fan of John Cusack ever since Grosse Pointe Blanke. Say Anything shows you the early signs of a very talented actor, not a conventional character actor and plays his characters very similar to the last but its works. With charm and comic timing it’s entertaining to watch him do his thing.

This film is still a very original film today, it throws away conventions and gives you a character that is very sure of himself, very much in love the whole way through and always knows what to say. The confusion in a round about way comes from the female lead and who can blame her with a corrupt father! That’s the other surprise, I mean how many teen movies have you seen where the father gets sent down for fraud!

In a time when the teen movie genre has become about getting laid or getting the girl it’s nice to watch earlier ones like this or the Breakfast club, where the point was just growing up.

Friday, 6 August 2010

The History of WW2 in Films and TV

The number of people to have lost their lives during WW2 varies between 62 million and anywhere up to 72 million people. The truth is we will never really know the exact figure, much like people born after that time will never really understand the sacrifice made or the atrocities that occurred.

I believe that one of most important and indeed one of the best ways of educating people in what happened is through our media, or more specifically TV and Film. There are literally hundreds of films and TV programmes that portray WW2 and events surrounding it. Some of them are true stories like Band of Brothers or Schindlers List; others take a few liberties like Tarantino’s Inglorious Bastards, all of them have one thing in common; delivering a message of some sort, even dead snow; the Nazi zombies are a personification of peoples fear of the SS and Hitler's Henchmen.

My aim with this is to go through a history of what was one of the costliest conflicts known to man. To mark out the events that made the War, the feel of pre-war Europe, the Germans advance and Blitzkrieg, The Allies turning the tide and the aftermath and show them as they are portrayed by our films and TV. Are these films historically accurate, does this TV series truly capture what it was like? These are just some of the questions I’ll tackle on my way. This is only the introduction and these updates will be sporadic to say the least, due to researching as i go and the time it takes obtaining the more obscure things to watch.

I hope you find it as interesting as I did researching it.

Peter Bee (Beeonfilm)

Revolutionary Road

One long argument.

Lover: Taken from IMDB

“Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio were the incentive of my going to see this film, and I could not be more convinced of their talent than I am after the two-hour brilliance.

This film is reality in its purest, yet magnificently artistic form – the anger that is portrayed repetitively and in various occasions reminded me of the wrath I myself occasionally experience, from the overture of an argument to its climax; the screaming, the furious need to verbally and physically harm, punch, kick, no matter how much affection is felt towards the recipient. Even during the scenes that are meant to be tranquil, there is anxiety and tension hidden in their smiles, a sort of counterfeit politeness that should never be present in a happy relationship.

It is all a depiction of two genuine lives that have the potential of existing in complete harmony, yet cannot because of the stereotypical environment and situation they find themselves in. They both crave change, an alteration in their monotonous state of being, but because of the lengthy period of time that they have spent in such a circumstance, their mentality is differently modified. April (Kate Winslet) finds unreserved determination to leave to Paris and although her character seems at times erratic, we gradually come to understand that she is in fact the stronger personality of the two; she truly finds change favorable, whereas Frank (Leonardo DiCaprio) seems to find the idea of change more flattering than change itself.

Each choice a person makes can change a life, and that life is not always theirs. This film shows us just how wrong something right can be, as well as how right something wrong can be.”

A good point of view if I cared about the characters one iota!

Hater: Taken from IMDB

“Wow what a bad movie. We went into this movie with very high hopes and it was a total bomb. Complete waste of money. It was nothing but arguing, adultery, smoking, drinking, fighting....ugh...and all between a housewife and a working husband in the 50s/60s.

This movie could have easily turned around in the ended on a positive note with the trip to Paris, but no. It ended with death and tears and questions still remaining.

Leonardo and Kate worked well together. They are great actors ...but...the plot and the story line in this movie was slow, depressing, and not worth the time or money.”

I’m with this one, the acting was great and very convincing but the material just wasn’t there!

What I Thought

After hearing good things I was really looking forward to the reunion of Leo and Kate but it is rather disappointing. Sam Mendes other films that aim for the same place like American Beauty had characters you invest in and care for, this fails on that on so many levels. The couple in question are supposed to be blissfully married but you know the whole way through that it all ends in tears, there’s no surprise here! This couple are awful together and watching their relationship degrade has no entertainment value in the slightest.

They spend half the movie shouting at each other, I found myself feeling sorry for the kids and there only on the screen about 5 mins! It could have and should have been more. Leo has grown into an actor of supreme presence and “our” Kate is as comfortable in this as any other role. Its just the story that trudges along like some troll with forgettable dialogue that bring this film down to what is essentially a “how not to be married” self help tape.

The Buzz 06/08/10

Tarantino to reboot the shadow?

Guy Pearce and Maggie Grace to appear in Luc Bessons next sci-fi Lockout.

"Tron Legacy" director Joseph Kosinski has been a busy boy at Disney...

hmm G.I Joe sequel? i havent even seen the rist one yet so who am i to judge...

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