Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sherlock Holmes

It’s jolly good fun!

Lover: Taken from IMDB
“What a ride. "Sherlock Holmes" left me giddy. I absolutely loved it. It was thrilling, funny, stylish, fast-paced and brilliantly acted. Downey Jr. is a delight to look at. He eats up the screen. He gives the character all sorts of mannerisms and nuances which really bring Holmes to life like never before. The chemistry and interplay between him and Jude Law is hilarious. I wasn't a big fan of Rachel McAdams's performance, but it didn't detract from the experience. I felt she just didn't bring as much to the table as the others. (Kinda like Katie Holmes in Batman Begins.) Guy Ritchie really outdoes himself here. The way he uses the camera, the motion, the fluidity, the snappy pacing - I loved every minute of it. A really fantastic movie. Well done.”

Some good points, Robert Downey Jnr once again is scene stealing but clearly had fun sharing the screen with Jude Laws Dr Watson. Guy Ritchie did indeed direct this with some panache, adding just enough of his usual stylings with some great set pieces (harbour explosion was fantastic!). The criticism aimed at Rachel McAdam’s is a little unfair as her performance was good but the character was under used, but then this is a buddy movie make no mistake!

Hater: Taken from IMDB

“I actually had high hopes for this movie. I went with a big crowd of people and while they planned to see Avatar I was going to see Sherlock Holmes. Unfortunately for them, Avatar was sold out so they all joined me in this train wreck of a movie. To be fair, there are about 10 minutes total that are kind of interesting. But the movie is 2 hours and 15 minutes long so there's the problem. There are so many plot holes that a mack truck could drive through and even with suspension of disbelief, it is truly a hodge podge of dreck with loud noises interspersed amongst the dreck to keep you awake. We are supposed to believe that Irene Adler is so strong as to heave a drugged and out-of-it Holmes from off the floor by the fireplace and onto a bed and then strip and handcuff him to the bed posts. They don't show you any of this because it would be laughably unbelievable. She must be super human to accomplish such a feat. There are other ridiculous stupidities that I thought perhaps were aimed at teens but the teens that were with me actually fell asleep because it was so boring. Every once in a while one of the sleeping teens would nod awake at a loud explosion. One such explosion completely engulfed the major characters yet in the next scene, not a burn mark is to be found. Apparently people in Holmes' day were made of asbestos. Don't waste your money. I like R.D.J. but this was a waste of time and money.”

Hmm interesting, not many valid points made just making a point of telling you some people fell asleep. The plot holes in question really aren’t that bad, the film goes at just enough pace you shouldn’t notice and even if you do the movie can rest all on Downey Jnr’s shoulders as he carries the film through its worse bits. I can see where he’s coming from with the explosion, however the scene he’s talking about is done in some stunning slo-mo!

What I thought:
What is tough to understand about Sherlock Holmes is that before the film came out, it was being talked up as a more serious and true to the book take on the Great Detective. In the end it was a great blend of that with great blockbuster Film making, Guy Ritchies trademark camera work with excellent production design is perfection. However it misses some of the more risky elements of the books, like Holmes taking Opium!

Downey Jnr and Jude Law make a great on screen couple; you can see they enjoyed their time together and Law plays a more leaner and up for it Watson. This “Blockbuster” take on Sherlock Holmes was a risk but it still plays to the brilliant deducing so important to other adaptations by using clever voiceovers. Once again though a film that can really lay its real pleasure at the feet of one man, Robert Downey Jnr you’ve don’t it again, Elementary really.

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