Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Winslet “bares” all

Loved it: Taken from IMDB

“But the actors are what drag the audience into this story. David Kross is amazing as the young Michael who has to play a range of virginal innocent to wizened and bitter. It's the key role in the film, and we're all lucky he was found to play this role. And the ever confounding Kate Winslet. What an amazing career for this young actress! Running through a list of her credits, she has some of the best performances of the last decade: "Holy Smoke," "Eternal Sunshine…," "Iris," "Finding Neverland," "Little Children." But here she does something very different. Playing what amounts to a monster, we see that they too are human. Not many actresses could bring this off, but it may be her greatest accomplishment to date. Ralph Fiennes brings a continuity to the work David Kross begins, and there's a brief appearance by Lena Olin who commands the dignity the role deserves. “

very true and well rounded opinion.

Hated it: Taken from IMDB

“Just went to see this film. I was amazed to see how bad/clumsy the entire movie was. Obviously I wasn't the only one to think so according to the poor rating at Is the Oscar so easily influenced by Harvey Weinstein? That's an insult to all cinema fans! As for Winslet's performance, sure she bares and wears make-up. But so what? I was not impressed by her performance here at all. Her turn in Revolutinary Road was far more impressive. I love Kate Winslet, but I'd rather see her winning the Oscar for a better movie. She is still young and I am sure it will happen soon.Oscar should be given based on performance. Not based on campaigning or a sentiment for never winning. That said, Best actress this year should go to Meryl Streep for Doubt.”

Not quite sure if this guy is more upset about the reader or the academy awards

What I thought:

Firstly she don’t half like taking her kit of does our Kate! It’s become like a calling card for her! Since Titanic all of her more rewarding roles have involved stripping off! The Reader is yet another one, its steamy sessions with a young Michael showing once again that old Winslet is up to old tricks, however they are done tastefully and do make you understand young Michael infatuation with Hannah. Those scenes aside the Reader is a very good film, a little bit depressing but throws some very good questions at the audience.

Maybe not Oscar winning but then I haven’t seen doubt yet…

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