Thursday, 30 September 2010


A Kids film for Adults

Lover: Taken from IMDB
“Man I got to tell ya it is so nice to see something different that has the intensity of a mature movie yet lies within the realm of the animated world. Every scene was beautifully done and you can literally hang every frame up on a wall if you so choose to. The story was great, the suspense was amazing. Who ever complained about it not having a story, tell that to the crowd I saw jumping every so often from the intense confrontations. What I also liked about it was the hidden parts of the story. They give you enough information to enjoy the film but yet you can extract more of the back ground thought that went into what we saw in the completed film. For the first time ever I saw half of the audience stay behind after the credits role to not just see who worked on the movie but to debate back and forth about what they thought of it, what the characters represented, what happen in this or that scene, and of course the animation style and technique and how it moved them. Never seen anyone ever do that after watching a movie.”

I think that’s a great review for what is great movie

Hater: Taken from IMDB
“It used to be my thinking that movies required plots, or some other means of making you care at all about the story line or anything that is going on. This movie has showed me that you don't actually have to have anything like that. I could sum it up simply as that. But, IMDb wants me to have more lines. It was kind of pretty. not compelling in the slightest. The way the characters talk in the movie makes you think it should have taken place over a matter of days, but there is no passage of time and i'm pretty sure it all happens in an hour. If you are looking to entertain yourself, then buy a gallon of milk and see how fast you can drink it before throwing up. It would be a far better use of your time. Time that you will never get back. Jurassic Park 3 was pulled off better than this movie.”

Overly harsh, there is a story! A depressing Terminator like world where the machines have turned on us, it’s not that hard to follow! I’ll agree with the passage of time thing, it’s very fast paced and does seem to move in a couple of hours but I’m not sure that really matters!

What I thought:
9 is one of the most adult themed animated movies I’ve seen, kids will get a kick out of the animation and the action scenes. It is however very much an adult story, 9 is set in post apocalyptic world where machines have turned on their masters and these 9 “stitch punk” dolls are all that’s left of humanity. The film is loaded with interesting themes and subjects for conversations long after viewing. These subjects and Themes not only would make no sense to children but would scare the hell out of them if explained to them.

The animation is sublime and the voice cast is superb but I’d have to agree again the hater, there is no passage of time; though you can argue that these “dolls” would have no perception of time especially in a post apocalyptic world. However the movie speeds by in what seems like next to no time, the pace is so fast that it hardly gives you time to think. It’s a shame because it’s quite a cerebral film and having a bit more time to stop and think about what happens would have been nice. That all being said 9 is a fun little movie that deserves at least one viewing!

The Buzz: 30/09/10

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Some Alien prequel news

Leon sequel? oh please no

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Babylon A.D

Vin Diesel, please quit your day job!

Lover: Taken from IMDB
“I really liked Vin Diesel in the Riddick movies, and when I saw he'd made another science fiction-ish movie I looked really forward to it. Then I read the reviews and almost decided not to see it. I'm really glad I did though. I saw nothing of the averageness other people have wrote about, instead my opinion about Babylon A.D is that it's an action movie with a good story and good acting. Also the movie is in just the right gear, so you won't feel bored at any time. If you liked the Riddick movies (or just prefer a good action movie) you owe it to yourself to give this movie a chance.”

Can’t see where this person is coming from at all! The Riddick movies they refer to? Pitch Black was not a starring vehicle for Vin Diesel or Riddick it was a horror movie. The Chronicles of Riddick was just vaguely entertaining. This film may have a good story at some point but the movie you watch is pretty boring and there most certainly is no good acting!

Hater: Taken from IMDB
“I hate to say it... but this movie was terrible. Let me start off with this. You can't squeeze a story line that should be as long as Lord of the Rings into 1 hour and 30 minutes, its impossible to try to explain what the heck is going on. When they made this movie, thats what they did. Half of the time, you have no clue what the heck is going on. When you start to figure out what is happening, the movie is over... The woman he is trying to bring to the USA is a mix between a man and a computer... Then we find out the daughter is pregnant with twins... But she is still a virgin that her mom is trying to use to say she is the next virgin mother...I honestly have no clue what the heck I just watched, but will try to tell everyone I know to avoid this cheap, pathetic, terrible movie...Babylon A.D. = Failure”

Even if the story was easy to understand the whole film is so bogged down in convention it hurts your eyes to watch it!

What I thought:
This film had a tough time coming out; the director disowned it after the studio apparently butchered it! When you watch the film knowing this, it does feel like there’s a good movie in there somewhere. It’s a post apocalyptic sci fi action movie and as such is horribly clichéd, a story that despite getting lost on the way does seem like it had some promise. So all in all the evidence is there that at some point, the Director was onto something.

However, when you cast Vin Deisel in your movie you have to expect that most people with approach your movie with apprehension. The reason for this and I fail to see how he still gets work, is that Vin Deisel is a terrible one trick pony who cant even do that one trick very well! There I have said my piece, and with maybe the exception of Pitch Black and the first Fast and the Furious, I’m sure most people agree.

The Buzz: 28/09/10

Kane and Lynch Delayed

This is why i hate the big studios! Warner's are apparently going to insist that Chris Nolan film the next Batman in 3D!

Red Hill sequels?

Del Toro hunts trolls

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Glittery skin!? Seriously!?

Lover: Taken from IMDB
“I am obsessed with the books. I was a little nervous to see the movie because books are always better.... and I was worried this movie would ruin everything. But WOW! It was so good. Much better than I expected it to be. The cast for it was all perfect. They couldn't have picked anyone better for Edward. Bella, Esme, Charlisle, James, Jacob, Jasper, Rosalie and especially Alice were all perfect. I think anyone should go to this movie. It follows the book well, leaving out some things but thats OK because they can't fit everything in it. I encourage all of you to go see it! Im going to it again tomorrow night. Its my new favorite movie. I love it so much and everyone needs to go see it!”

Clearly a “Twi-hard” fan and who am I to batter a fans opinion of something they are passion about.

Hater: Taken from IMDB
“I've never wanted to walk out of a movie so badly. I think you should give the film a chance to develop fully before forming an opinion. This was certainly not a "film" with any substance. The acting was horrible, the script was horrible, the whole thing was rushed and insubstantial. For being such a predicted box office hit, given the already large fan base, the budget must have been dismal. I think you would need to be no older than 10 to enjoy this film, but the kissing scene in Bella's bedroom was too passionate for a kid's movie (Bella's in her panties!?). In the books it takes them a long time to move forward with their physical relationship. The story was clearly written with teens in mind but still enjoyable for adults. The movie was a cringer.”

Well “nail on the head springs to mind” written for teens.

What I thought:
I should say first of all, I have never read the books. That’s mainly because it’s shelved in the teenage section of a bookshop. It’s just not something I want to read. That out of the way lets look at Twilight as a movie shall we. My first point I want to make is that I’m all for re writing a myth or legend for your story, it works in movies. Just look at Blade, Steven Dorff can magically go outside just by wearing sun screen!? It’s still a wicked movie! However explaining that vampires don’t go out in the sun because if they do they glitter like diamonds? You can not be serious! I mean it, say just for argument sake that the books had never come out and someone said that to you? It’s just stupid!

I can see where the movie is going, a strong central relationship, it should evoke teenage feelings of insecurity, isolation and even discrimination. However despite strong actors, (Kristen Stewart was great in Adventureland and Robert Patterson who I thought was a great Cedric Diggory) the central pairing had no chemistry. The chemistry they did have felt forced and not natural, if that fails so does the film. Especially when anything else in the film, the family Cullen, the school friends, the father daughter relationship and some random rogue vampires fall completely at the wayside. So when they do come into the film its like wow, where did you come from!

It’s a fan thing though I understand; I liked The X-Files: I Want to Believe but the critics gave it a beating. I didn’t care because I’m fanatical about the X Files. So this opinion is mine and looking forward to seeing if the movies like with the Harry Potter series get better as they go on.

The Buzz: 22/09/10

Steven Spielberg up for Robopocalypse

Hellraiser: Revelations

X-Men: First Class gets one more

Abrams and Speilbergs "Super 8" gets more cast members

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Hangover

Definitely worth re-watching

Lover: Taken From IMDB
“I just saw the first screening of the movie, and it is very worth the money you will pay for it. I was skeptical about it at first, thinking that the previews would have only the funny parts, but they are just the tip of the iceberg... Everyone hit a home run in this movie. Even Mike Tyson generated a few laughs for everyone. If you need a pick me up from a bad day, just watch this and you will definitely feel better about everything that may be going wrong in your life. I will DEFINITELY be buying this to watch over and over again once it comes out on DVD, probably even see it in theaters again. I hope you find this review helpful because this movie is definitely a must see in my opinion.”

I think the trailer was a problem, the trailer put me off seeing this at the cinema as it had all the hallmarks of being one of those “all the best bits” trailer. Put simply its just the tip of the iceberg.

Hater: Taken from IMDB
“I feel burned for going to watch this super stupid movie. I am baffled that so many other people in IMDb thought it was funny and that it has good reviews. There were about 30 people in the theater when I watched it of a pretty good demographic spread and there were nearly NO LAUGHS through out the whole movie. At best a few people chuckled a few times. Some of the attempts at comedy are so, so old. OK, here are a couple little spoilers. In one scene one of the guys is face down on the ground about to get up & another one of guys opens up the car door and opens it bumping the guy laying down on the ground in the head- so, so stupid! This scene was funny in cartoons when I was under 10! Another spoiler coming- in a different scene one of the guys finds a used condom in there car and they start grossing out and tossing it around- so stupid and not funny anymore since I was 17. I can only understand the high reviews on IMDb that there are so many more potheads these days. If you are a pothead under 25 is the only demographic I can understand that can laugh from this.”

Firstly just because immature dumb comedy is not for your sense of humour doest not mean you have top write the film off as rubbish! Seeing a Person knocking their head on things is universally funny and always will be. As for the condom it’s not so much the situation for me it was the reaction on the characters, brilliant!

What I though:
It’s got the set up, a Stag do! It’s that’s simple, speaking from someone who’s had one thrown for him, I can tell you that it always brings laughs before during and after the affair. The Hangover is a well written comedy without irony and a story that could be unrealistic; however it’s grounded by some great central performances.

The bits in the trailer are what you would expect and although not everyone’s cup of tea are still funny. You need to look closer though and maybe even re-watch it as the story is very clever and its full of some great one lines and cameos! One of the funniest films I’ve seen in the last couple of years!

The Buzz: 21/09/10

Live action Pokemon!?

Timecop remade

Jeremy Renner on his Hawkeye costume

Bill and Ted 3!!!! oh please please please please!

Monday, 13 September 2010

The Last Exorcism

Exorcism, a subject used countless times in horror movies. It’s a scary thought being possessed by a demon or ghost, even worse with a child. Sadly most films using, or in some cases abusing the subject, just aren’t scary. The Exorcist set that particular bar too high with its slow burning psychological approach, playing more on what you can’t see than what you do. The Last Exorcism is a good attempt, harking back to an era of old school horror long forgotten...but then there’s that ending.

To read more click here

The Invention of Lying

It’s not very good, honest

Lover: Taken from IMDB
“I thought this movie was fantastic, The truth is that people at their core are to that extent superficial and "rude" to put it lightly. This movie revolves around how the world would word if absolutely everything you thought to say but suppressed out of courtesy instead came flying off your tongue without a thought. To put it bluntly I think this movie was being far too kind compared to what would really happen if a world like this actually existed, but on top of that the actors in it played perfectly. It had just the right mix of comedy and drama to make it a success. Ten out of ten, I recommend you don't miss this one”

ok, the bottom line is that this films premise is funny for about 5 mins till it gets dry.

Hater: Taken from IMDB
“The characters in this movie may very well be incapable of lying. They may be honest, but far more than that, what they really are is frank. In fact, what defines these characters is their frankness, gullibility, stupidity, and hatefulness - not their honesty. What we are left with is a woeful fusion of "What Women Want" and "Idiocracy," - both of those films - while ordinary - are better than this one. This movie, a bait and switch debacle, fails to be clever at every turn and is doomed by its inability to run with a promising premise. The fictional world of this film characterizes a planet devoid of lies in a clumsy manner and lacks sufficient comic payoffs to keep it afloat as it tries to tackle a cavalcade of social issues. The Invention of Lying tries to be a lot of things. Unfortunately, a worthwhile comedy is not one of them. (5 of 10)”

Same point as above pretty much except they liked it for that reason.

What I thought:
Ricky Gervais has had his head inflated by the media enough and this film is proof of it. Everyone who has seen him in The Office, Extras and his stand ups knows he is a very funny man. The Premise; a man invents lying in a world where everyone tells the truth does sound like comedy gold but trust me its gets dry after 5 maybe 10 mins. It’s mainly because the film has nothing else to go on. There’s a romantic story in there somewhere but it’s lost in all this religion bating humour!

So basically man who invents lying also invents religion? Hmm it’s an interesting theme and does inspire conversation but in the film it’s like the bits that didn’t make it into Ricky Gervais Animals. My Wife pointed out that the moment Mr Gervais appeared as Jesus was the worst point of the movie, deflate that ego of yours Mr Gervais and come back down to ground (or in this case England!).

The Buzz: 13/09/10

Sherlock Holmes 2 casting

departed scribe to adapt "Oblivion"

Kirsten Ellis's biography of Lady Hester Stanhope to be a film

Sofia Coppola wows Venice Film Festival

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Paranormal Activity

Actually really bloody scary

Lovers: Taken from IMDB
"I honestly don't get what's with all the hating on this movie. Paranormal stuff, such as ghosts, aliens, time-traveling, etc has always fascinated me, and I guess that's why I felt more like living through this movie, rather than just watching it. Although it felt more like a first person, double-length episode of the show "A Haunting", rather than a movie, I can really say that I enjoyed absolutely every minute of it. I heard rumors about someone dieing in the movie theater because of a heart attack caused by a scare from this film. Seriously, I think that's ridiculous..though I must say the movie really shook me up, while it lasted. After being released in '07, it didn't see the "light of day", only until last year ['09]. If you're looking for a good & realistic horror movie, then I absolutely recommend Paranormal Activity."

I'd recommend it to but please, please have an open mind...

Hate:Taken from IMDB
"What can I say about this film. After all the hype, i was expecting something good, a new Blair witch project, or a new exorcist. What I got instead was an awful episode of candid camera! The acting was shocking, My houseplants do a better scared! Her 'fear' was completely non existent. His acting of 'big hero out to save his girlfriend' was simply woeful, with little or no emotion shown by either of them. The plot made as much sense as a drunks ramblings. if a demon makes a shadow, then where is the demon, has to be there somewhere? 1 is too high of a rating. Of the 'scary bits', where were they? Doors opening ans closing by themselves, ooh thats so scary, if your 12. As an adult, i was expecting more of a horror show, not bad special effects, like the appalling baby powder incident. Just why? being hunted by a demon, great, show us something scary then. Something worth the entry price maybe? There are two scary bits, and they are only scary as a sudden shock, not a horror aspect. Truly, truly terrible Don't waste your time and money When i had to go to the loo. yes it was that boring, i saw a lad saying he'd rather see this film than new moon, i was happy to tell him no, this is a waste of your time. Oh, and if you do go and see it, pick your audience. Ours was shared with 20 pubescent girls, who screamed at the slightest thing, such as the spider."

I will say only one thing about this review, its a point a lot of the haters bring up... slamming doors on their own is not scary. BULLSHIT! if that happened to you while you were cuddled up in bed with your saw doll or whatever crap torture porn movie is out that week, that slamming doors wouldn't scare the poo out of you?? utter crap!

What i thought:
despite being a bit emotional about the slamming door, i am willing to accept certain points of the film that are bad. For instance there are some terrible plot holes and the decision making of the couple is a bit dubious at times. The thing is, watched with an open mind paranormal activity is one of the best psychological horror movies of the last decade.

What you don't see is always more important than what you do, paranormal plays with your imagination. by the end your not exactly comfortable turning off the light when you go to bed. Someone said to me the other day that they hated this movie, then when on to tell me how later that evening she found herself leaving her bedside light on? Now tell me a crap and non effective horror can do that?

Paranormal activity is genuinely unnerving.

The Buzz: 11/09/10

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Jane Campion to do series for the BBC

Stephen Sommers is gettig a bit odd

"A week with Marilyn" casting news

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


A hard watch for any parent

Lover: Taken from IMDB
“Changeling is the new film from director Clint Eastwood. It is based on a true story that takes place in 1928 L.A.The story is about a woman who returns home one day to find her son missing. Then a few months later the police return a child to her, but it isn't her son. The woman keeps on telling everyone that this child isn't her son, but the police keep on claiming that it is her son and are calling the woman crazy.The film is a wonderful study about police corruption in L.A. in the late 1920s. The film is emotionally gripping, and at times disturbing.The film was superbly directed by Clint Eastwood, who was working from a terrific script by J. Michael Straczynski. Not only that, but Eastwood also wrote the film's score, which was very good as well. Of course the acting is what truly stole the show for me. Angelina Jolie delivers an Oscar worthy performance as the mother of the missing child, but what truly surprised me was how good these children in the cast were. All of the child actors were very well cast and all delivered amazing performances.As a whole Eastwood's Changeling is one of the best films of the year, and should be up for some big-time Oscars at year's end.A perfect 10 out of 10!”

crazy to think this was a true story and I know nothing about the era so not sure how “accurate” it is. I also had no idea Clint did the music, is the man limitless!!

Hater: Taken from IMDB
”This movie is utterly craptastic in every aspect. From the very beginning to the very end it's a never ending plea for Oscar nominations, although not an unusual approach for a movie, this time Clint Eastwood took it too far. It's too obvious that the people behind and in front of the camera thinks too much about the "oscar" scenes than the outcome of the movie as a whole. Angelina Jolie does an average appearance in this role, although everyone knows that the role would be perfect for Nicole Kidman. Angelina may be pretty, but her "fake" look does not fit the 1930's scenario and her acting is not good enough. Several times during the movie a single line is repeated over and over to the point where it becomes annoying, and it seems to me that the writers just simply where out of good ideas. Sorry Clint, you fail. The movie might be based more or less on a true story, this is a farse of uninspired cliché.I know there will be loads of people disagreeing with me on this one, because if you got names like Clint Eastwood and Angelina Jolie on the cover you can sell people crap and make them eat it. Watch the movie twice and I'm sure you see my points.”

Well now usually my favourite part of these reviews is to comment on the hater’s opinion. This is no exception, firstly “craptastic”! So what if a film is “Oscar baiting” firstly your never going to know for certain what the filmmakers were thinking and even if they were should all filmmakers try and make award winning movies? Angelina Jolie in my humble opinion was fantastic in this, possibly my favourite of all her performances. The pain and anguish of losing a child is utterly convincing and heart breaking! Not hard for someone who is clearly a loving mother in reality. The “single line” I think the reviewer is referring to is “He’s not my son!” Well to be honest how many other ways can you say it? It’s an overly harsh review for a film that is a pleasure to watch.

What I thought:
Changeling will be a challenging film to watch for any parent, it issues will hit hard. Losing a child is one of the hardest things that any parent can go through and it’s played out brilliantly in this! As a father myself I could relate to the mothers pain and conviction when looking for her son.

The production is sublime but what do you expect from ol Clint, trams grind there way through an incredibly authentic 20’s LA. It’s a gritty drama about the loss of a child and deals with it in a very real way, without sugar coating the theme. Of course that may be a bit to dark for some viewers but like the man said, “A true story”.

The Buzz: 08/09/10

Halo movie?

Live action Mulan?

Machete sequel?

Martin Freeman turns down The Hobbit for Sherlock!!!???


Everybody knows about the atrocities committed by the Nazi’s during and indeed before the break out of war. It’s a subject that has been re used so many times in cinema, it’s surprising there is one subject matter that still hasn’t been covered by the major players. Whether the reason is old fashioned homophobia or just that the studios know a film about homosexuality (in any shape or form) won’t make money, its clear that there’s a gap.?

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Monday, 6 September 2010


coming of age 80’s style

Lover: Taken from IMDB

“I love this movie. Truly love it. Being a fan of movie's like "Superbad" and "Knocked Up", I was really looking forward to seeing this, but it was a hell of a lot better than I expected. The Story-line is a great and the characters are fantastic, which nearly everybody can relate to. Kristen Stewart delivers a spectacular role as Em, and Jesse Eisenberg doesn't disappoint. The thing I like most about this movie is Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig. They play the characters of two people who have no expression, and get wound up easily( the scene with the baseball bat is one I will not forget!) There are so many quotes which will make you laugh by these two, my favourite being, 'Litterbug, in the clown mouth!.' Also, the soundtrack is brilliant with some great songs which i would recommend keeping an ear out for. For all ages, young and/or old, Adventureland will not disappoint! 10/10.”

Good review for a good movie.

Hater: Taken from IMDB

“This is one of the most boring, pointless movies I've ever wasted a night watching. There is little more to the plot than a dude working a crappy job and dealing with a crappy love life. If the filmmakers were attempting to illustrate what a pathetic and soulless decade the 1980's were, job well done, but my guess is they were simply trying to cash in on the success of better written quasi comedies such a Juno and the like. It's been a long time since I've wasted time on a movie that was so boring and pointless. It was billed as a comedy, and as far as laughs go this gets an F-. The acting is mediocre at best, which is really a waste considering the overall talent of the cast. There's not much hope for bringing to life a script that is truly a sh*t sandwich.”

Well everyone’s a critic…

What I thought:

Considering “coming of age, teen comedies etc etc” come out more often then they are really needed, Adventureland like Superbad or Juno before it is a breath of fresh air. It has a subtle approach to the issues you face growing up, meaning that the comedies not in your face, there’s no real gross out comedy or obvious and dumb toilet humour. Adventurland is just a sweet tale of two people working at a small theme park, a realistic blossoming romance which is heart warming to watch.

The characters are all recognizable and acted well, Jesse Eisenberg doing his best not to be Michael Cera, Kirsten Stewart trying to throw off those vampires and Ryan Reynolds playing against his typecast. All three actors owe the director and the script a lot, for giving them characters that are ever so slightly different from what they are known for. It’s just a lovely funny story, not side splittingly hilarious just funny and feel good.

The Blackout

With such a wealth of up and coming talent in the film industry, anyone will tell you it’s hard to break out. Robert Sanders is giving it his best shot, and he has given us his directorial debut with this rather crudely put together horror movie. Despite all of its failings there is talent here but is a lack of budget an excuse to make a poor movie?

To read more click here

the Buzz: 06/09/10

The Runaways gets put back

While Preacher gets an R rating but no director

Danny Trejo goes "Skinny Dipping"

Hellraiser reboot moves forward

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Death Race

The Stath one not the Sly one

Lover: Taken from IMDB
"I was shocked at how much fun this movie was. Terrible reviews, of course. I went hesitantly, but had seen everything else, and desperately needed a cinema break from work. This was over-the-top mayhem, and pure adrenaline, and pure enjoyment! Note I am a bloke, so I cannot speak for the ladies, but the ones in my cinema audience seemed to be enjoying themselves.As you have no doubt heard, it is a frentically paced film. And, given all the action, which usually only bores me, I was surprised to find it was a hoot. A screaming hoot!Two of things this movie did showed a lot of subtlety and a very deft touch on the director's part. One, it did not take itself too seriously, and was not as grim as you might think. Two, it never descended into "camp." It was not winking at us, nor playing anything for laughs. And yet one must throw logic and plausibility out the window as well. Maybe one could say it was a "down to earth" fantasy? I don't know how the director did it--- as I thought about it, I marvelled at how difficult that must have been.A perfect balance of excitement, mayhem, fun, thrills, and even a happy ending! Wow! Go see it, you'll be grateful for it if you do."

I would agree at saying this was a perfectly balanced film but definitely not for everyone. its plain dumb vehicular mayhem that should impress a certain male crowd of a certain age. It has no depth and fairly brainless and predictable set pieces but fun all the same.

Hater: Taken from IMDB

"When you know you're going to see another pointless action movie, and you know it will have little to no redeeming value minus the action, and it STILL sucks, the problem has to be the action.From start to finish, the movie was bland and boring. I wanted to leave after the first 5 minutes as it was, and after that it was like sitting through one of those bad documentaries at school for the other 2 hours. The action was predictable and just downright boring, generic, and pathetic. Add to that the utterly ridicules dialogue scenes that told you things you already know from the credits mixed with clichés from every single action movie ever freaking made, and it felt like I was watching a made-for-TV drama, not an action movie. You've seen this movie before. Hundreds of times.The acting, as well, was horrid. The chick they got to play the cliché "bad prison woman" reminded me of Martha Stewart . . . dumbed down and made even more cliché than the real woman. At one point when a "bad man" character came on screen I had to say:"Look, it's Mr. Evil!" as he cackled with his huge nose casting a cliché shadow. Everything that could have been menacing in this film was laughable.There is no more blood in this movie than PG-13 fares like Cloverfield, and it wasn't as violent as the PG-13 The Dark Knight. Every scene was a cut-off scene without anything graphic happening, and at some points even the fist fights were cut-off scenes. I cannot think of any movie with "violence" as utterly pathetic as this one. It barely earned its R-rating through a minimal amount of blood, and the rest was PG all the way.I do not know why anyone would find anything in this entertaining. There was maybe a couple action scenes, and the rest was your mother's cliché TV drama. Am I the only one who wishes action movies were, you know, action-packed anymore?"

I agree with this review to, when you look at the trailer and the poster for this movie it gives you the impression your seeing a 18 rated action movie. the end product is a lot further and apart from some interesting word use and a little blood its no where near as graphic as you would imagine.

What I thought:
Death Race was a one time forgettable movie that i wont be watching again, it was fun for the first time i watched it but that's it. Fairly forgettable nonsense in the end. The original was great if a little camp, Paul W.S. Anderson's is what you would imagine from this director. Big Dumb Fun that you'll only need to see once.

The Buzz: 04/09/10

Tom Hardy gets more work

John Woo is honoured by the Venice Film Festival.

Guillermo Del Toro begins casting his "AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS" adaptation

What happened to Unbreakable 2 ah Night!?

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