Saturday, 12 February 2011

American Pie

The first slice of pie was the sweetest

Lover: Taken from IMDB
“Where do you start... from flutes to pies, this pioneer teen movie has it all. I'm pretty sure this was the first DVD I ever saw, back in 2000. I do remember owing $20 in late fees to blockbuster video for keeping it so long after it was due back. It was worth it! This has classic written all over it, I think it's safe to say that anyone that was involved with this movie has a great career now because of it. American pie has an absolute all star cast led by the Great Jason biggs Anyone who enjoys comedy, teen comedy must see this movie! honestly you need to watch more movies if you haven't sen this one!!!”

Not too sure about the careers of the actors comment, however anyone who loves their teen comedies this is essential viewing.

Hater: Taken from IMDB
“This was the first film of its kind and has done nothing to discourage filmmakers putting random unnecessary female nudity and sexual content in so called teen 'comedy's'. The film rely's heavily on unrealistic sexual scenes and nudity. The most extreme being a female character visiting a lad from school she barely knows, being left for 2 minutes in his bedroom and returns to find that in his absence she's stripped off and started masturbating over female pornography that she found in his dresser draw. Reality check anyone? This film could have been greatly improved by removing a few ridiculous scenes so that it was male AND female friendly. Unfortunately this was made purely for testosterone fuelled teenage boys to watch (alone)in their bedrooms with a box of tissues.”

There’s not doubt that American Pie was one of the first teen movies to shamefully have nude shots of what are supposed to be pubescent girls to pull in a young male audience. Thankfully these usually more “extreme or previously unseen” versions are usually restricted to DVD release. So I see they’re point but American Pie is so much more than just wank material for pre-pubescent teens.

What I thought:
I think when I first saw American Pie I loved it but there was a problem, I had always seen it as a shameful film just about boys wanting to get laid! It is of course like this but I think I wasn’t taking in the bigger picture, I watched it the other night and realised something. Only when our four heroes give up and realise that sex doesn’t matter do they finally get laid, a good message?

You could argue it’s not but then the film is funny, maybe because it makes me so damn nostalgic but the laugh out loud moments still make me laugh out loud! It’s one quality about teen comedies that will live forever, there will always be an age group that will get it and see it at the right time in their lives and forever be programmed into their heads because that film “really understood where they were coming from”, American Pie just so happens to be mine and I would imagine a few of my friends to.

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Amber Salm said...

I saw this movie when I was in high school. It was the best teen movie which I still like. I love the storyline and the way all the characters were portrayed.
Watch American Pie

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