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A Kids film for Adults

Lover: Taken from IMDB
“Man I got to tell ya it is so nice to see something different that has the intensity of a mature movie yet lies within the realm of the animated world. Every scene was beautifully done and you can literally hang every frame up on a wall if you so choose to. The story was great, the suspense was amazing. Who ever complained about it not having a story, tell that to the crowd I saw jumping every so often from the intense confrontations. What I also liked about it was the hidden parts of the story. They give you enough information to enjoy the film but yet you can extract more of the back ground thought that went into what we saw in the completed film. For the first time ever I saw half of the audience stay behind after the credits role to not just see who worked on the movie but to debate back and forth about what they thought of it, what the characters represented, what happen in this or that scene, and of course the animation style and technique and how it moved them. Never seen anyone ever do that after watching a movie.”

I think that’s a great review for what is great movie

Hater: Taken from IMDB
“It used to be my thinking that movies required plots, or some other means of making you care at all about the story line or anything that is going on. This movie has showed me that you don't actually have to have anything like that. I could sum it up simply as that. But, IMDb wants me to have more lines. It was kind of pretty. not compelling in the slightest. The way the characters talk in the movie makes you think it should have taken place over a matter of days, but there is no passage of time and i'm pretty sure it all happens in an hour. If you are looking to entertain yourself, then buy a gallon of milk and see how fast you can drink it before throwing up. It would be a far better use of your time. Time that you will never get back. Jurassic Park 3 was pulled off better than this movie.”

Overly harsh, there is a story! A depressing Terminator like world where the machines have turned on us, it’s not that hard to follow! I’ll agree with the passage of time thing, it’s very fast paced and does seem to move in a couple of hours but I’m not sure that really matters!

What I thought:
9 is one of the most adult themed animated movies I’ve seen, kids will get a kick out of the animation and the action scenes. It is however very much an adult story, 9 is set in post apocalyptic world where machines have turned on their masters and these 9 “stitch punk” dolls are all that’s left of humanity. The film is loaded with interesting themes and subjects for conversations long after viewing. These subjects and Themes not only would make no sense to children but would scare the hell out of them if explained to them.

The animation is sublime and the voice cast is superb but I’d have to agree again the hater, there is no passage of time; though you can argue that these “dolls” would have no perception of time especially in a post apocalyptic world. However the movie speeds by in what seems like next to no time, the pace is so fast that it hardly gives you time to think. It’s a shame because it’s quite a cerebral film and having a bit more time to stop and think about what happens would have been nice. That all being said 9 is a fun little movie that deserves at least one viewing!

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