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It’s just not for me

Lover: Taken from IMDB
“ My wife and I went to see the movie last night and were totally blown away by the whole experience. So brilliantly directed and acted. The movie time just flew by and we were drawn in and captivated by each dramatic moment. Never having read the book or been an expert on WW2, I had a truly open mind on what to expect and I'm not one of those who count every rivet or go looking for technical inaccuracies however small. This was truly a masterpiece of cinematography. We were treated to wonderful performances, lavish sets, shocking and thought-provoking moments and haunting themes. I had the privilege of being an extra in the Redcar, Dunkirk scene and once seen in its full glory and effect on the big screen I was simply in awe and glad to have been a part of it. Walking along Redcar beach from now on will never quite be the same again. I am quite sure that the movie will win a number of awards within the next 12 months, but that is not what really matters. Movies are there to entertain, tell a story and affect you emotionally and by God this did it in spades! If you have not seen it yet, you must!”

This is a great review, very true and honest about what they wouldn’t pick holes in and quite right about the cinematography. The Dunkirk scene is one of the best one-take steady cam shots ever committed to film.

Hater: Taken from IMDB
“Bottom line about this movie, who cares? None of the characters are particularly sympathetic & since when does a couple who have a 60 second fling in the library, then don't see each other for 4 more years qualify as a "great love story"? Oh, please.....The whole war footage was utterly confusing, and especially in the part of the cockney soldier, which is oddly funny. (Was that on purpose? If so, how very strange, if not, how very unfortunate). The ending, which just sort of suddenly lurches forward into present day, (lord, why did that poor Briony NEVER change her hairstyle?) is a huge bait & switch which cannot help but make you think that you've wasted two hours, essentially by being lied to. How on earth this film was nominated for so many Academy Awards, I do not know. The nicest thing I can say about this movie is that Ms. Knightly's green dress was truly stunning. Seriously, that's it..........”

I think you could argue that a “fling” with someone would stay with you for that long; it’s a bit of a cynical life view really! However I agree about the characters, I’ve never been a big fan of Kiera Knightly so it was never going to be the easiest watch for me but I didn’t really like the characters and despite not seeing the twist at the end I just wasn’t impressed by it.

What I thought:
To say I didn’t like Atonement would be a bit a harsh I think, it’s an epic love story that spans decades and it’s told in a very beautiful way. Cinematography is brilliant and I have already mentioned it but that tracking shot of Dunkirk is one of the finest I have seen, it shows perfectly the horrors of that event and does it all in one long single shot. You’ve got to appreciate the craftsmanship that went into that and indeed the attention to detail in the rest of it.

For me I just wasn’t into the characters, this is a completely personal thing and should not put anyone off the film at all. All the acting was near perfect even from Miss Knightly and her accent sounding like an American putting it on! For some that invests in the characters and the love story the twist is brilliant and the film is heart-breaking.

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