Monday, 7 March 2011

I Love You Phillip Morris

Not as Challenging as expected but definitely as funny

Lover: Taken from IMDB

“It's more unique than rare that a film affects me this much. The center, the emotional center of Phillip Morris has entered my subconscious in a way that I can't quite describe. It changed my perception of things. This is the first time I see two men kissing that made complete sense. I believe and understood like never before the "normalness" of the feeling. I liked "Brokeback Mountain" too but in that case, the torturous path of self-loathing that the Heath Ledger character goes trough, kept me at the periphery of the story like a sympathetic, moved spectator. Here I was part of it, of them. I'm sure Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor have a lot to do with it. No cheap shots, no low comedy. They are so true that you can't help them and rooting for them, flaws and all. I predict "I Love You Phillip Morris" will become the sleeper of 2009.”

Quite a statement saying a film has changed your perceptions but I can see why they would say so, Phillip Morris deals with homosexuality in a comedy without making it all a camp nightmare.

Hater: Taken from IMDB

“I bought this "blind" - wanted a bluray disc for my new machine and saw this with recognised names in the cast and the words "outrageously funny" (News of the World)and "hilarious" (Instyle) on the box. Not unreasonably I expected to be amused by it but there isn't a laugh (nor even a smile) to be had. Jim Carrey seems to think that pulling faces makes you laugh, well probably if you're under 5, and the plot (what was it?)just rambles on to nowhere. Perhaps some people laugh at explicitly implied homosexual activity (eg inferred oral sex on a boat followed by a spit overboard)amusing. I just thought it sordid and inappropriate for a 15 certificate. Great moment is made of it being a true story but I could write a true story of my life this week & it wouldn't mean it was interesting - although it would probably be more amusing than this. Frankly, I have spent more worthwhile time in the dentist's chair than watching this tasteless, embarrassing bore.”

The argument that there are no laughs to be had is silly; as I laughed. So for some people there will be laughs to have, I sincerely hope a 5 year old doesn’t watch this though! The plot could not be easier to follow and I’m pretty sure this person has never escaped from prison so no their life story would not make a funny film.

What I thought:
You’ll hear some things about this film being daring and brave and really it’s not that brave, so its two very well-known actors acting gay and really going for it. The fact that the main relationship in this film is between two men does not matter it’s a comedy about a brilliantly intelligent man who constantly outwitted the U.S penal system. Knowing that this was based on real events only adds to these ingenious schemes to escape and be with his beloved.

No doubt it has strong themes running through it, however if you Watch this film hoping for some hard edged Brokeback Mountain style issues about homosexuality, chances are you’ll hate it. It’s just a very funny and very original comedy with no shame in the fact its main character is morally and sexually ambiguous. Another issue you might find watching this is mainly an issue for the women who find Ewan Macgregor attractive, I only say this because my wife who happens to have a thing for the Scott couldn’t even look at the screen when the actors shared their ‘intimate’ moments.

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