Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Hater: Taken from Tesco DVD rental
“If you enjoyed Ang Lee's superior version of this superhero character I'd give this a wide berth. Gone is the character development and stylistic verve of Lee's underrated film as the focus switches mainly to action. Sadly it isn't enough action to keep you entertained during the moments of character emotions as the director wallows in genre conventions and lacks the touch to deliver anything from the characters themselves. A star-studded cast is given no help by dialoge that sounds it was written by a fanboy leaving the actors to look clumsy in their performances. There's not even room to ham it up the script is that poor. There are some decent action sequences along the way but the film drags tremendously when it's not 'Hulk bash!' and you end up feeling like you've just watched any old franchise film. Rent Ang Lee's version if you're looking for somebody doing something different with a superhero character not this.”
Who wants someone to do something different with a superhero character? I’ll grant you it works for Batman but then he’s been re done so many times! This is the Hulk and I’m sorry I don’t care what you say Ang Lee’s Hulk was pants!

Lover: Taken from Tesco DVD rental
“After the previous attempt to bring Hulk to the big screen overran by at least 45 mins, I was hoping that this latest offering would fare better. I was not disappointed. Edward Norton was great in this role & Tim Roth was equally as good as contender for the biggest & toughest dude in town. The fight scenes were spectacular & I loved the twist at the end featuring a future hero. I hope there's a sequel to this, as it was far better than The Hulk. Much faster pace & better plot. I'd definitely have this in my collection!”

That’s a bit more like it!

What I thought:
Firstly, comic book movies are supposed to be FUN! Even the Dark Knight with its moody feel was fun to watch! Ang Lee’s arrogant character exploration was not and I repeat not, fun! Not to mention the fact his Hulk liked to change size at moments in the film! Edward Norton first of all is great casting as Bruce Banner, this character is a science nerd with a lot of in cased anger, its part of the reason why the Hulk creature is so angry in the first place. All Mr Norton had to do was channel Fight Club and you’ve got it, except instead of Brad Pitt it’s a great big green monster.

The Incredible Hulk also has lots of great winks to the comics and the old TV Series, which should please fanboys and even more importantly with the appearance of one Tony Stark; tie itself in with the Marvel Studio Franchise. Please let Edward Norton’s Hulk be in the avengers!!!

For more from me about this movie check out my full review on the right.

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