Saturday, 11 September 2010

Paranormal Activity

Actually really bloody scary

Lovers: Taken from IMDB
"I honestly don't get what's with all the hating on this movie. Paranormal stuff, such as ghosts, aliens, time-traveling, etc has always fascinated me, and I guess that's why I felt more like living through this movie, rather than just watching it. Although it felt more like a first person, double-length episode of the show "A Haunting", rather than a movie, I can really say that I enjoyed absolutely every minute of it. I heard rumors about someone dieing in the movie theater because of a heart attack caused by a scare from this film. Seriously, I think that's ridiculous..though I must say the movie really shook me up, while it lasted. After being released in '07, it didn't see the "light of day", only until last year ['09]. If you're looking for a good & realistic horror movie, then I absolutely recommend Paranormal Activity."

I'd recommend it to but please, please have an open mind...

Hate:Taken from IMDB
"What can I say about this film. After all the hype, i was expecting something good, a new Blair witch project, or a new exorcist. What I got instead was an awful episode of candid camera! The acting was shocking, My houseplants do a better scared! Her 'fear' was completely non existent. His acting of 'big hero out to save his girlfriend' was simply woeful, with little or no emotion shown by either of them. The plot made as much sense as a drunks ramblings. if a demon makes a shadow, then where is the demon, has to be there somewhere? 1 is too high of a rating. Of the 'scary bits', where were they? Doors opening ans closing by themselves, ooh thats so scary, if your 12. As an adult, i was expecting more of a horror show, not bad special effects, like the appalling baby powder incident. Just why? being hunted by a demon, great, show us something scary then. Something worth the entry price maybe? There are two scary bits, and they are only scary as a sudden shock, not a horror aspect. Truly, truly terrible Don't waste your time and money When i had to go to the loo. yes it was that boring, i saw a lad saying he'd rather see this film than new moon, i was happy to tell him no, this is a waste of your time. Oh, and if you do go and see it, pick your audience. Ours was shared with 20 pubescent girls, who screamed at the slightest thing, such as the spider."

I will say only one thing about this review, its a point a lot of the haters bring up... slamming doors on their own is not scary. BULLSHIT! if that happened to you while you were cuddled up in bed with your saw doll or whatever crap torture porn movie is out that week, that slamming doors wouldn't scare the poo out of you?? utter crap!

What i thought:
despite being a bit emotional about the slamming door, i am willing to accept certain points of the film that are bad. For instance there are some terrible plot holes and the decision making of the couple is a bit dubious at times. The thing is, watched with an open mind paranormal activity is one of the best psychological horror movies of the last decade.

What you don't see is always more important than what you do, paranormal plays with your imagination. by the end your not exactly comfortable turning off the light when you go to bed. Someone said to me the other day that they hated this movie, then when on to tell me how later that evening she found herself leaving her bedside light on? Now tell me a crap and non effective horror can do that?

Paranormal activity is genuinely unnerving.

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