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Killing zombies has never been so much fun!

Lover: Taken from IMDB
“The best zombie movie ever made!!! This movie was really great!!it has a lot of potential in it.I really enjoyed!!it isn't really for kids under probably 11 or 12 even though I'm 11 years has a lot of cursing.this movie has a lot of humor.and all the actors are great.i think Tallahassee was really funny!!I liked Columbus's's rules and his humor about surviving.he was a good favorite actor was Wichita played by Emma stone.she was a really good actress in the movie!!!she was playing this hot girl that was not your regular stuck up bitch as Columbus said in the movie.she was different from other type of girls.she was really tricky and was really smart.her and her sister little rock played by Abagail Breslin were really tricky!!! I hope everyone enjoyed this movie.I was hoping this movie was going to make it into the top 250 movies with a 8.0 or higher.this movie was great and it deserves a 10!!!this movie was great and I hope everyone liked it as much as me!!!!!”

A review from a 11 year old for a 15 movie? Take from that what you will, they are right the film is great but the greatest zombie movie ever made? No.

Hater: Taken from IMDB
“Comparing to this thing all spaghetti zombie movies are real pieces of art. Their behavior is completely random: they steel cars when there are plenty of cars around, waste ammo for unknown reason and generally behave like they were 6 years old. This what Bill Murray presented was incredibly stupid: he tried to pretend to be a zombie in eyes of an armed man fur completely no reason. What is the most crazy is that one of the characters is traveling America looking for some kind of candy., two girls are going through half of continent to visit some adventure park and when they got there of course they have to ask for attention of all zombies around. I cannot understand how bunch or total idiots like this could be last survivals of zombie infested continent. Moreover this movie is not funny at all.”

I think this person actually thinks there may be a zombie apocalypse, it’s a comedy for crying out loud who cares about the parts that don’t make sense. If you want to see the undead rising taken seriously go and watch George Romero’s films.

What I thought:

How I didn’t read or hear anything about this film being compared to Shaun of the Dead I don’t know. It takes a zombie infestation and uses it for any possible laughs it can get; it also has friendship and love at the heart of it. Now that I have seen it however I can see why no one really did, Zombieland is a very different beast, and it’s an incredible visual treat like Shaun done Hollywood style. The opening credits are fantastic and one of the best I’ve seen, the slow-mo zombie kills and panic stricken America is just perfect. It sets you up for what is film makers having fun killing zombies, even to the point where they mention a zombie kill of the week or something like that.

It’s pure wish fulfilment for all men old enough to have a un healthy obsession with zombies, whether you poison was Romero’s classics or Capcom’s masterpiece Resident Evil, you’ll love this film. Where it departs from Shaun’s the most is that it doesn’t take itself as seriously, the characters aren’t as likeable and the situations not as believable. This makes it harder to route for them but at the very least you’ll love Jesse Eisenberg’s geek and narrator of our story with a Zombie survival like guide of rules to follow, just brilliantly written and performed. As for Woody Harrelson, well he’s a delight in this movie and convincing as a zombie killing bad ass.

It’s hard not to have read about this film and not hear about the ‘inspired’ cameo, for those who don’t know look away now. When our characters go to California they decide to spend the night in one of the stars homes, they pick Bill Murrays’ and his is brilliant, a self-parody that reminds you why you love the man so much! Zombieland is a visual treat and flesh bitingly funny, It’s Shaun of the Dead for those who like their laughs cheap.

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