Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Transfer at Aachen

I have something bubbling beneath the surface; I have been given permission by one of the writers of the film titled the above to release a feature. This feature will tell you all about this brand new production with a European Canvas and an American Palette, it’s a heist movie very much in the feel the ocean movies but, I imagine from what I’ve seen and heard already a whole lot more heart.
I haven’t forgot the ten best trailers of all time it’s just been a bit hectic and hard to find the time over the festive Christmas period to get it done.

Hope you had a lovely Christmas and a brilliant new year! Here’s to 2010 and another year of great films...

Saturday, 19 December 2009

How did he do it?

How did the Director who ended the Alien Franchise with a sharp blow to the head, make a film like Amelie? Jean Pierre Juenet just didn’t get Aliens and his resurrection was about as far from a resurrection as you could have thought of! When the director turns his attentions onto something else, something a bit more personal he turns out with what may be his finest work! Amelie is best described as a beautiful film, its attention to detail is pitch perfect and focuses on every day things in life as extraordinary.

This is of course a window into how Amelie see’s the world and makes her incredibly loveable! Audrey Tautou has since paved a way to some big parts in Hollywood but she has never bettered this performance, the looks to camera and that voice just gorgeous! It’s just a good looking film with a whole lot of heart and just has “feel good” written all over it.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Some Fun and frolics

Most people as they grow older forget what it was like when they were a kids, your not as innocent and forget how to have fun. Where the wild things are explores this despite looking like a kid’s film. That is one thing to get across now, this film is not strictly speaking a kid’s film; it’s a kid’s film made for adults. It reminds you of what it felt like to tumble down a hill and get dirty, the Wild things tumble around and throw dirt at each other like children.

All in all a good experience but it didn’t live up to that trailer, which brings me nicely onto my first weekly top tens...

Thursday, 3 December 2009

A good dose of popcorn bollocks!

Once again Roland Emerich destroys our world as we know it! Once again he gets A+ for entertainment value but fails miserably at giving his story any depth. 2012 has been spawned by the idea the world will end in December of that year, this is according to the ancient Mayan Calendar coming to an end at that point. Of course it’s more than likely nothing will happen but if it did happen like this it’s a shame you won’t see it like this, the end of the world never looked so good.

I think the biggest problem for me is how any of the characters in this film are always in the right place at the right time, narrowly escaping almost every natural disaster known to man in a limo, camper and two planes. It’s also shamefully predictable, the story and even the shots; if the roof of the Vatican cracks of course it would crack between the fingers of god and man, it’s just all a bit too convenient!

Then again I loved Independence Day, despite it being over American it was good fun and mostly because I didn’t take it seriously as a young sci-fi geek who watched the xfiles! As a critic it’s a rather shocking movie but you get plenty of bang for your buck (would have looked great in 3D!). Then we get to the characters that might as well be crash test dummies that the director has thrown at earthquake / volcano / tidal wave delete as appropriate! Despite John Cusack being so damn likeable in everything, his everyman is completely lost in separated parent cliché hell!

That’s that then, the end of the world and of course we all pull together to help people as the Director continues to push this ideal humanity. But when the end is shown in this happy go lucky fashion you never really feel the dread that would make sense if it was actually happening. Then again who wants the real emotions of the end of the world?

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