Sunday, 28 November 2010

Beeonfilm Events (a little late):

London MCM Expo

It had record numbers this year and it was noticeable, a huge amount of people can hamper the enjoyment of this event. As even with Geeks it would appear manners are a thing of the past! Of course I’m not going to go on some big rant about the event and its key visitors, I need to go on about all things there film related (and TV to some extent). Unfortunately this year it did seem to come up a bit short for feature films, admittedly I had not been to this event for a long time but it does seem to have steered itself more to anime and computer games? I’m not complaining at all mind you; I like anime, I just don’t write about anime and of course Video games. All of the games present were next gen consoles and I don’t get on with them much, mostly because I can’t afford them. However I was overjoyed to see that they had the Wii updated version of Goldeneye (the only game I ever been pretty good at), they had the old school remotes and despite getting my butt kicked thoroughly, I enjoyed it and can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

Speaking of films Universal had a lovely looking stand that was showing some trailers of their up and coming movies; Firstly the American. George Clooney playing a bit long in the tooth Jason Bourne type character, looks like a very under stated performance from the man best known for his charm but looks great. There’s Despicable Me, Steve Carrell vehicle that preempted Megamind on its release but sadly not its humour it would appear.

Fred Flinston was worried Universal were going to try and release another awful film about his family.

The last one of note had quite a big presence at the Expo, Paul from Brit duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, much loved at this event for obvious reasons but most likely because a lot of people (including me) met the duo at this event when they were plugging Hot Fuzz. They had a video introduction recorded for the day to preview some never before seen footage of Paul. I must admit it does look like it misses Edgar Wright at the helm, then again its Greg Mottola (Superbad) who has a pretty good CV and Simon and Nick wrote it and they have proved themselves as fine comedians. I think this film will be resting solely on the success of its CGI Alien voiced by Seth Rogan, if he don’t work neither will the film.

Like I said though this years was disappointing for me as because of other obligations I missed out on a meeting and round table with Chris Claremont; Legendary comic book writer who penned the Dark Phoenix saga. Not just from a journalist’s point of view but a fan too, but maybe another chance in the future. Of course there was a remote controlled life size R2 D2 which was the nuts and a chance to get your photo with the Delorean which I did not get (and have regretted since).

So that’s it for this year, not much else to report really, maybe I’m out of touch with my Geek Brethren but it’ll take some major event to get me there again!

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