Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Style over substance

Lovers: A rather blunt opinion from a user on I MDB
“I would like to express my bewilderment towards people who do not enjoy, or even like, the action genre, yet choose to see these movies just so they can criticize them for their shallow plot lines and general brainlessness. Moreover, it greatly annoys and perplexes me that these people then use their "expertise" to rate these movies poorly, and thus enforce the impression that we are, in fact, dealing with a lousy piece of movie-making, when the actual truth is that these people prefer films of completely different genres.”

This guy is being as bad as the people he puts down here, I think he just needs to realise that movies a lot more relative than he thinks. He does have a point though; Blade 2 is very entertaining and completely dumb all at the same time!

Haters: another blunt point of view from those lovely users at IMDB
“Of course, if you enjoy big screen depictions of violence and gore, even ones that aren't that well done, you may just enjoy this. If you like some pretty nauseating, excessive images, you are as they say, quids in. But don't tell me this is a good film. It is undoubtedly an awful, decidedly ugly one, that fails on all counts.”

Again a very extreme view, impressive word use though! Nauseating, brilliant!

What I think:
I think Blade 2 first and foremost is not as good as the first film, its more about all out wall to the wall action in this one than anything else. The first blade film had a very distinct style to it, dark and foreboding look coupled with hyper reality moments whenever you entered the vampire world. This was dropped in favour of a slicker vehicle. Much like Blade himself who blows kisses to his car it’s all about style, from a long coat that now has red interior (see what they’re doing there?), to a team of vampires fitting all stereotypes! Even in the shots, mouthing “What the f*ck” or catching the shades does the style very much change.

It gives you an idea of the movie you’re watching; style over substance and if you do like you action bloody and violent then Blade 2 is up your street. Personally though I prefer the darker approach, the style adds to the kick ass action and makes the characters much more watchable. In this film you don’t really care about any of the characters. Thought credit must be given to Luke Goss who plays his character of used and rejected son very well only wish he had more screen time. For a Guillermo Del Toro film this is a big disappointment it has to be said.

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