Tuesday, 18 May 2010

It aint Swingers!

Lovers: Taken from IMDB

"My wife and I saw this film not expecting a great deal. We aren't big fans of Vaughn or Favreau (Stars and Writers). But the film preview piqued our interest. We were surprised and delighted to see that Peter Billingsley (A Christmas Story) was the Director. He did a fine job! We were quite pleasantly surprised to find Couples Retreat was very touching and poignant in it's handling of the challenges of marriage. Yes, it has some rather sexually suggestive scenes, but they are played for laughs and not personally offensive for us. The resolution of conflicts in the participants lives was very satisfying for us as we believe marriage is worth the effort! The setting in Bora Bora is absolutely breathtaking and we truly enjoyed our afternoon at the movies!"

Hmm not to sure about the handling of challenges of marriage, apart from that fair enough.

Haters: Taken from IMDB

"If your idea of Comedy consist of juvenile dirty jokes that center around masturbating and sticking your private parts into other peoples faces, then this is your kind of movie. If your idea of Entertainment is watching four narcissistic, sexually depraved adults trying to cope with married life, then this is your kind of movie. The photography and location are fantastic. Casting did a great job in booking the talent. Peter did a good job on the set. The plot could work with better writers. The story was weak and fragmented. I would recommend this movie only if you have absolutely nothing else to do on a cold rainy day and you're craving Popcorn. My rating is F+ for great scenery. The Cast, Crew and Producers should be ashamed."

I agree with this guy but there are still laughs to be had in this movie.

What I thought:

I have to say I was largely disappointed with this movie, the main reason being that the last time I saw John Fareau and Vince Vaughn act together was in swingers and that film rocked. Swingers had all the charm and look for an indie film and delivered quick-fire laughs, not belly laughs but a constant chuckle. Couples Retreat is nothing like that and apart from some sight gags that should get some laughs it’s not very funny. Vince Vaughn’s rant about being “bitten” by a shark is great but it’s the only real time Vince really hits his peak for dialogue.

So a largely disappointing film that should have made more if its cast than its location.

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