Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Almost Famous

It’s just Rock n Roll baby!

Lover: Taken from IMDB
“As I exited the movie theater after viewing Cameron Crows latest adventure, I was struggling with what to say to my date. As I didnt want to just sit there and say nothing, I was forced to due to so many feelings and thoughts about Almost Famous. Luckily, she felt the same way and so for a few moments we just sat there, staring off into the screen, wishing, wanting, and feeling for that movie. It was so nicely done. From the acting, brilliantly handled, to the directing, never camrons problem, down to the sets, costumes, audio, and other wonderfully placed visuals. Not only was the movie well thought out, but it became one of those rare films in which everyone, boy girl, man woman, could feel for at least one person, part, event. I would reccomend anyone I know to see this movie. It was a chance to take yourself away from your own problems and let you watch someone elses moving you all the way through.”

Very sentimental and a little dramatic but then Almost Famous is sentimental, looking back at the rock and roll lifestyle of the 70’s.

Hater: Taken from IMDB
“I'll only take the time to meld this down into a handful of words...it is the fact that seemingly 95% of Americans find this clichéd dribble anywhere "almost interesting", is the very reason why it's almost in my best interest to avoid American film altogether. Besides, anyone so willing and able to waste time on one of the most banal periods in history in terms of taste, style, attitude etc etc - that being the 1970's - essentially has set themselves up to lose from the get-go.... I wish there were negative number ratings available...yes...this was "almost that bad". It's a shame that there is so little outlet for foreign and independent films...just stuck with this Hollywood sell to the lowest denominator garbage....”

no real point made and I think it was harsh to describe the 70’s as banal, This being the decade that gave us Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd not to mention the release of The Godfather, Jaws and a certain Space Opera. Sure it had it tough trying to follow the 60’s but banal is a bit harsh!

What I thought:
Almost Famous is a heart warming journey of a teenager wanting fame, as a budding journalist myself I emphasised with the lead character. His journey is brilliantly watchable and funny, I have rarely been happier for a main character. It’s an extremely sentimental movie for a more care free time but more than that for Rock n Roll. It’s a bit like “The Boat That Rocked” in that it shows Rock n Roll as a form of expression and release, something more than music.

That’s me getting a bit sentimental there but the music is secondary, films like these pay homage to Rock and Roll in it’s hey day. Not by making the film about music but by making a film about the people that were there, that lived it.

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