Thursday, 17 March 2011

Being John Malkovich

Get your head around this one

Lover: Taken from IMDB

“This film was absolutely incredible. Attempting to explain the plot in any way that would do it justice would be an excercise in futility, but let it be said that I see many, many movies, and in my lifetime, I have never seen a movie such as Being John Malkovitch. The acting is completely brilliant .. Cameron Diaz is nearly unrecognizable, both in behavior and appearance, as is John Cusack. John Malkovich was presented with an interesting opportunity in playing himself, and he seems to have seized the opportunity with relish. He is most definitely not being himself in front of the camera, but instead creates this wonderful character of John Malkovich the vessel. I've admired Spike Jonez's work for a good long time, and I'm pleased to say that in his first full length feature as a director, he succeeds with flying colors in creating an original, beautiful, humorous, and good natured picture. See Being John Malkovich, because come Oscar time, you're going to want to know why its winning!”

I liked being John Malkovich because on paper it shouldn’t work, a puppeteer gets a job in an office and finds a secret door that leads into John Malkovich? That’s the core idea, and then you have the weird office floor that is between floors like something out of Harry Potter. Fortunately all of these things just fall perfectly into place around a great cast a wonderfully funny and written piece of cinema.

Hater: Taken from IMDB
“Is it original? Yes. Is it creative? Yes. But is it GOOD?? A big NO. I must have looked at the clock every 2 minutes, just waiting for this….THING….in front of me to be over with. Just because a movie is new and original does not mean that it is good. I hate to generalize, but I certainly can see this garbage being a favorite of pseudo-intellectual, java sipping art house gurus, due to its bizarreness and originality. For most normal people, however, this movie will be nothing but a miserable experience. I've never seen a comedy that was less funny. The plot went from mildly interesting to surreal, the acting was stiff, the characters weren't compelling or endearing (how can one like a movie if the characters aren't likable, or, at the very least, interesting?), and, oh yeah, it was NOT funny at all. It will take a court order (and 10 stout men to enforce it) to ever get me to watch this horrid movie again. In fact, it'll take something extraordinary for me to ever see a Spike Jonze movie again. Yup, it was THAT bad. I've probably seen worse movies, but you'd have to give me a day or two to think of one.”

I’m not a pseudo-intellectual and I quite like this film, ok so most of the biggest laughs are gone by the time you get to middle of the picture and the more serious undertones of what is actually gone take over. Caring for the characters is an issue of taste and solely up to the viewer. I spent the whole film feeling sorry for most of the characters and it only made their situation all the more desperate.

What I thought:

This really will be a short one, at least for now anyway. Being John Malkovich is an impressive film if not just for the acting which is second to none, or the laughs; which fair enough are not thick and fast but when they do they come big. It’s the fact that not only did someone come up with this idea but that they pulled it off.

Told you this one would be short.

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