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Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Like a teenager, trying its best to act like an adult

Lover: Taken from IMDB
“Personally, I am a Twihard, but I also enjoy a GOOD movie. And finally there is a good Twilight movie. The first movie, if you has read the book as I have, sucked. New Moon was a bit better. It stuck to the book more but the acting still sucked. Eclipse..... best one yet. The acting of the major actors/actresses has improved dramatically. There is a bit more comedy, more to laugh at. The movie starts with intense drama, passion, and comedy all developing into more and more till your on the edge of your seat. The story line is stronger this time around and sticks so much to the book that it is the book, just on the screen. Any Twilight fans who are sceptical about how this movie will turn out will be surprised once they see it because it IS the best one yet and I am looking forward greatly to see how they do on the last book, both parts. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who like romance, comedy, with a little bit of action.”

The points about the book I can’t comment on as I’m here just to treat it like a movie. That and I have no interest in reading the books, however they are right about one thing, this has been the best one so far.

Hater: Taken from IMDB
“Thank you director David Slade for ruining my favourite instalment of the Twilight Saga. Maybe you should have stranded by your original opinion of the Twilight stories. Bella was made into a strong character, Edward was made into a wimp, Jake was more of a jerk. You totally edited the scenes with Rosalie, which are very important to the next part of the series. You failed to show how ALL of the Cullen's feel about Bella, which is also important to the next part of the story. In the past you have stated, you wouldn't touch this I guess your change in opinion was really a ruse. You decided to sabotage the story instead. Thank God you are not going to be given the chance to ruin Breaking Dawn.”

This review is solely from someone judging the film by the book so I can’t really comment but I feel for her. It’s not nice when a director ruins on of your favourite books…

What I thought:
The third instalment of the Twilight saga is like watching a teenager trying their best to act like an adult. The story and the focus of the main relationship is still about Bella choosing to lose her virgi… sorry to be turned into a vampire. Those that can’t see the obvious message of sex when you’re young are being a little short sighted. The film starts with Edward and Bella sat in a field of flowers and ends in a field of flowers, basically none of what happens in between really matters as the films are portraying next to no more depth than this silly love triangle. I sure hope the books are at least a little bit more detailed, in this world where Vampires glitter in the sunlight and Werewolves are all chiselled and walk around with no tops on, I’m sorry did I stumble into a teenage girls wet dream?

Well enough of the bashing, because despite everything the stuff between our sickly love scenes in the field there is a deeper story going on. A new born is a vampire who has just turned and so enters finally some genuine threat to what has just been a metaphor about losing your virginity. Don’t get me wrong by threat I don’t mean scary just threat for some of the major characters. The action in places is handled very badly by the director, trying to go somewhere between Slow-mo and the hyper kinetic camera work of something like Bourne and in the end neither seem to fit. Though the ending fight sequence is probably the stand out scene of the movie, especially from a boy’s perspective!

This instalment does have some interesting flash backs of the Cullen Families previous human lives, which does add some interest to character like Jasper who I would be happy to see more of. Saying that these scenes have a very little production value and all look like they are staged instead of genuine memories, which is a great shame! The characters look uncomfortable in their period garb and subsequently don’t convince. The Love triangle in question escalates and Robert Patterson gets to flex his comic timing while Taylor Lautner just flex’s! It’s a juvenile playground rivalry that wouldn’t find its way into any other Vampire / Werewolf movie. Here though I will take some criticism as I can see I’m missing the point, our lead characters are juveniles and would act this way, apart from the vampires who have been around for god knows how long and should know bloody better! (Pun most definitely intended!).

Twilight fans should understand that they’re beloved books are being made into films that’s sole existence, is being marketed for young pubescent girls to take more money from their parents wallets. I think the most important thing to take from this instalment is that apart from Edward and Bella’s irritating dance around the obvious they are getting better. Like Harry Potter who took three films to get brilliant maybe twilight will take four? Here’s hoping.

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