Thursday, 17 February 2011

American Pie: The Wedding

Perhaps one or two steps too far

Lover: Taken from IMDB
“American Wedding is the funniest film in the American Pie series. Most of the original gang is back to see Jim and Michelle tie the knot. But, the two characters have to overcome a couple of obstacles. One obstacle is making sure Stifler behaves himself. Does he... not really. Stifler throws a bachelor party when Michelle's parents are supposed to turn up, eats dog crap while saying it's chocolate, losing the ring, and having sex with Jim's grandmother. Stifler is by far the most funniest character in the film, especially when he plays nice boy. Jim and his father are funny, too. I liked the part when Jim shaves his privates and throws the shavings out the window and into people's mouths and wedding cake. The characters are original and hilarious. The acting was great, so was the directing. As with the first two films, there is a great soundtrack. I recommend seeing this grand finale. I rate this film a 10/10.”

A little over the top with the 10/10 rating but right about one thing Stifler takes over from everyone in this part of the Pie series. It seemed only natural as his presence started taking over in the second. However have all these gross out bits really gone a bit too far?

Hater: Taken from IMDB
“Hopefully, this awful movie will put an end to this mediocre series that has gotten worse with each sequel. Almost watchable until Stifler shows up. So tell me, you're in a restaurant getting serviced under the table when your Dad walks in and you jump up with your pants around your ankles and your girlfriend still under the table. Not only doesn't the restaurant throw you out on your a**, but the patrons give you a standing O when you propose to her, with your pants still undone? How charming! Funny? Not in the least! But I hang in there for a while until stifler shows up,ranting neverending curses like he was Joe Pesce in Casino. Whatever was appealing in the first two incarnations of this series is certainly missing here.”

Clearly not this persons sense of humour, that’s what it comes down to. If you laughed loudest at the ‘pale ale’ joke in the first one and the ‘urine shower’ in the second then you’ll probably love this. For me American Pie was more for the characters and the way they acted, sadly on this point the third instalment let me down.

What I thought:
To complete the viewing and see our characters progress further, I watched American Pie the wedding. A somewhat large jump, from their college years to a wedding but then I had kids at 23 how can I talk. Jim has fallen in love with his band geek and proposes with his trousers down rather than down on one knee, typical American pie formula follows but despite some stand out moments and sentimentality an ultimately disappointing film.

Sean William Scott as Stilfer continued to gross out and amuse the audience in equal measure; in one scene in particular he follows his own advice and literary does “eat shit”! It would appear these American gross out comedies know no bounds, its not that they shouldn’t do it and that it’s wrong it’s just not that funny. It’s a real shame also that the four main characters couldn’t be reunited I don’t know why Chris Klein didn’t return for his instalment but it felt like betraying an old friend watching these guys celebrate together without their long time buddy Oz.

They have progressively gotten worse while the studio milked this cash cow for all it’s worth! There are 7 now and none recreate what was done in the first.

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