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Dinner for Shmucks

Messy but fun

Lover: Taken from IMDB
“I haven't laughed this much since The Hangover. This movie was absolutely hilarious and exactly what was expected from Steve Carell. His character was just brilliant. Paul Rudd was excellent and offcourse the man who needs no introduction: Zach Galifianakis was at his best. I can see why some people wouldn't like this movie if their sense of humor did not like the Hangover then they will no like this movie. It had many clever moments, excellent comic timings, and very wicked storyline. Also if ur an office space fan then your in for a treat because Ron Livingston is in this movie and this movie had a lot of environment like office space and Ron Livingston had a new role which u fans will love. Overall I loved every aspect of this movie and wish there would be another movie with the same Steve Carell's role. “

I thought it was funny but definitely not that funny and the comparisons to The Hangover are unfounded.

Hater: Taken from IMDB
“The French original was a scream, which is why they bought the rights. Instead of subtitling the original, they went for a remake à la sauce américaine. Just as in the case of The Vanishing, La Femme Nikita, Un Indien Dans la Ville, Le Grand Chemin and a dozen other films (at least), the remake is just plain awful. Steve Carell is reprising the late and much-regretted role played by Jacques Villeret. While the latter was believable as tax inspector with an interest in building structures out of toothpicks, Carell as a half-looney artistic taxidermist is way over the top. Bollywood made a version which was watchable, but the Hollywood version is a mess. “

I haven’t seen the French original so thought I should put this one in, I do think it was a bit of a mess of a movie but sometimes being messy is fun.

What I thought:

It seems as Paul Rudd and his wise cracking everyman role take the limelight, he’s retaining all the likeable traits and none of the big laughs. His disenfranchised father in Knocked Up was one of the highlights of that movie and is just one of those roles that have made Rudd a fan favourite. Taking centre stage however, he seems to be losing some of the funny, he shard that stage with other actors in Role models and though he was great in I Love You Man most of the laughs are taken by Jason Segal.

Dinner for Schmucks for Paul Rudd is yet another step down into likeable but not funny leading man, leaving Steve Carrells zany approach room to breath. In this case that’s not so bad, in a film that’s subject matter relies heavily on the straight laced characters reactions to the oddballs it’s perfect. Based on a French original the premise is fairly simple, A dinner party where the guests have to bring the most idiotic people they know in an effort to have the most moronic. To the winner go the spoils and in our heroes case a better job and a bigger office on that elusive “floor”.

The success of this film falls on the shoulders of those playing the aforementioned shmucks, the dinner party in question is the zenith. It doesn’t disappoint for those with the right sense if humour. From Zack Galifianakis and his deluded psychic to Chris O’Dowd’s blind swordsman, all have their own laugh out loud moments. Credit should also go to Brit favourite David Walliams whose big time businessman is as ludicrous as the rest and Jemaine Clement in scene stealing from as an “out there” artist.

Of course the shmuck you’re supposed to care about is Carrells, I’ve spoken about Rudd now what about his screen partner? Well there’s no doubt you’ve seen him do this before (Brick in Anchorman) but if you like him doing that then there’s no reason why shmucks shouldn’t be one of the funniest films you’ve seen. From making dioramas out of roadkill mice to playing dead to avoid attack all are played with brilliant straight faced conviction.

Yes Dinner for Shmucks is just another in a long line of predictable buddy comedies and yes it’s another remake. However if you like silly humour and you like it done with a straight face, this is for you.

Available on DVD and Blu Ray (US import)
Running Time: 114 mins
Cert: 12

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