Monday, 23 August 2010


It’s a bit like running man.

Lover: Taken from IMDB

“Reading IMDb reviews in 2010 reminds me of reading reviews of Welles, Hawks, Ford, Hitchcock, Sirk and others by American and English "experts" before the French came along. Or reviews of 70s films before Tarantino rescued them. A film isn't plot, words, characterization, a linear original narrative. That stuff comes in your How-to script books and makes me shudder. A film is images, sounds,colors, and the syntax of a film has no relation to "what happened" but HOW things happen. Kane is a masterwork because of how it's made, not because it addresses the life of a newspaper fascist. Gamer is shot so that it occurs viscerally, with great speed, sometimes beauty, often wit, and its intentions are never overswamped by an impulse to preach or teach. It's appeal is a bit like that or Richard Prince's billboard reproductions.”

A good point but what about the film or film criticism? I agree totally but its till fun reading a review that tears films apart, specially the ones you hate.

Hater: Taken from IMDB

“This movie has every bad quality one could imagine from a film. The cinematography, premise, storyline, distasteful nudity, acting, and random dancing scenes with the guy from Dexter each contribute to this being the worst movie I have seen since Bachelor Party: Vegas. Nothing in this movie made sense. Society and Slayer rocket this creepy computer geek to position of world's richest man? No one has a problem allowing people to lead death row inmates into almost certain death? Normal people undergoing brain surgery in order to allow people to control them? I understand that it is a fiction movie, but it is ridiculous to go this far on so many levels. I wish I could give zero stars but I'll settle for one.”

I can see where this guy is coming from it is a patch work of plot holes but then just look at the directors previous work!

What I thought:

Gamer was a visceral fast paced action movie that felt a bit like Running Man, saying that it’s the same old “future prisons using death row inmates for sick reality TV” thing! Nothing really original here I’m afraid, apart from maybe the whole computer game feel. The action is fast and hectic, then again what do you expect from the guys that brought you Crank!

Thing is, it’s not really that entertaining, some of the action does kick ass and it has clever ideas along the way but nothing more. The acting is phoned in and the script is a cardboard cut out, how to make a sci-fi action movie. Above all else though is the complete lack of any tension, never do you really care whether or not our Hero will make it or not. The only thing you’ll care about is who is going to killed next and in what grizzly way he will die.

Did I say it had great action though?

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