Monday, 6 June 2011


Avoid like a biblical plague

Lover: Taken from IMDB
“Look let's be up front, if you're here reading about what Legion could be, we both know what you are looking for. Legion is awful/awesome. It is quite possibly the least logically sound "A" movie (as opposed to "B" movie) I have ever seen. Which is wonderful, it was exactly what I wanted. We're talking Angelic sepoku, one handed Roc, car wrecks that kill adults but don't bother babies, that guy from Tokyo Drift terrible. Thankfully, it is not self-aware either. All too often you go into a terrifically abysmal movie and you end up with some middling abomination of meta-this and that. No no, Legion took itself seriously and delivered a must-see for fans of bad movies. If you like it nasty, you're not going to find much worse/better.”

I’d agree if there wasn’t some underlining themes of human nature and other pap that just make it a shit film.

Hater: Taken from IMDB
“It was awful. It was a complete waste of money. The best part of the whole movie was when Dennis Quaid died. Almost everyone in the theater clapped when he did. The effects were equivalent to Pacman arcade games that I used to play back in the 90's. I felt like the whole movie was just a cheap imitation of Constantine with Keanu Reeves. I couldn't figure out if certain parts of the movie were supposed to be funny or if the acting was just so cheesy that they were. I like how the previews made the movie look way more awesome than it really was. I highly recommend everyone to not see it, or Day Breakers either for that matter.”

I will defend them on the effects, describing them as “Pac-man” is an extreme exaggeration.

What I thought:
Legion depends on one thing, just how silly do you like your action films. If you don’t really care for plot with any real cohesion, or cardboard cut-out characters you couldn’t care less about and ropey special effects then you may like it. It’s an Old-Testament style Apocalypse and God has decided he’s had enough, he appears to have us all possessed by demons and lead by Gabriel. That’s all very well however Gravity defying Grannies who decide they want to eat before despatching the innocent is a little hard to swallow. That’s if you’re still with this storyline, after that its demon children, and Angels kicking each other about.

All the while you’re supposed to watch, believe and feel sorry from some real dreary acting and badly written characters. From dysfunctional family, religious cook dried up men and gun toting reluctant gangster. Every one you’ve seen before, everyone you know where the story is going. With such a silly idea I’m not sure legion could have ever been a good film, it needed spectacular set pieces and comedy that winks to the audience. Instead we’re supposed to swallow a whole “doubting of faith, questioning humanity” theme; it all runs so shallow you don’t blame God for wanting to wipe the lot of them out.

Only bother with Legion if you have nothing else to watch, or it’s the last DVD on earth, actually not even then.

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